Discovery of Samoëns in summer

The botanical days of Samoëns, in the heart of the Haut-Giffre valley

28 March 2022

Botany in the spotlight in Samoëns For a weekend, the garden of Samoëns is transformed into a real open-air paradise for all botany lovers. Nestled in the heart of the Haut-Giffre valley, the Alpine botanical garden of Jaÿsinia offers a poetic stroll ...

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Books … and me ! The festival dedicated to children’s literature in Samoëns

Books ... and me ! The festival dedicated to children's literature in Samoëns In Samoëns, reading enthusiasts meet for an event dedicated to children's literature. During several days, writers and artists from the region offer young people to discover...

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The Vélo Vert Festival, the big mountain bike festival in Samoëns

Mountain biking has its festival in Samoëns! In the heart of the Haut-Giffre mountain range, mountain bike enthusiasts meet for an unmissable weekend of passion, adventure and discovery. All the disciplines are represented there as well as many brands...

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10 things not to miss in Samoens in summer

4 March 2022

Heritage, outdoor activities, hiking or culinary discoveries: Samoëns is full of surprises and activities. Here are 10 activities to share with your family or friends. 1 - Visit a rich heritage in Samoëns To set foot in Samoëns is to en...

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This summer, Samoëns is on the move! Discover all the activities of August

31 January 2022

For the month of August, we have put together a complete program for young and old. Whether you prefer sports or cultural events, you will find all the possible outings and activities in Samoëns this summer. From the fireworks on August 15th, to the stone sculpture ...

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Samoëns and its hamlets, the history of a Haut-Savoyard village

Around the village of Samoëns, under the foothills of the Giffre massif, are several hamlets. Historically grouped in sections, these hamlets were more or less independent from the village of Samoëns and lived from agriculture and agro-pastoralism. Today they are th...

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The 10 most beautiful hikes from Samoëns

24 January 2022

This summer, go on hiking trails around Samoëns. Come and get away from it thanks to the unforgettable scenery of the mountains around this small historic village of Haute-Savoie. You will find the most beautiful family and sports hikes of the Giffre valley on half ...

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What to do in autumn in Samoëns?

6 October 2021

After a sporting summer for some or a more relaxing one for others, Samoëns invites you to discover its village and its hamlets during a beautiful Indian summer. Strolls along the Giffre, discovery of the surrounding forests or the Tines gorges, diversions by the ma...

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The mountains are a proven friend of our health!

31 August 2021

We often hear phrases such as "The fresh mountain air has done me a world of good", "The mountains are good for you", "I'm going to the mountains to recharge my batteries", but what are the real benefits of the mountains for our health? Numerous scientific studies h...

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Samoëns : sensational activities for a successful summer

13 July 2021

This summer, Samoëns opens the doors of its mountain range for the pleasure of all. Whether you are a family or a solo, whether you are an amateur or an expert, take to the skies and discover the Alps as you have never seen them before. Mountaineering, climbing, par...

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What’s new this summer in Samoëns

4 July 2021

Swimming is inevitably synonymous with summer holidays, and often indispensable for a successful family holiday. By opening up swimming in the Lac aux Dames this summer, Samoëns promises you a very different holiday! Do you want easy access to the most beautiful hik...

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Well being hikes

25 June 2021

Samoëns is the ideal place to relax. In the heart of the Giffre mountains, the air is pure and well-being is the center of attention. For the comfort of visitors, Samoëns offers many activities in harmony with nature and the environment such as Afghan walki...

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Between relaxation and contemplation, this summer Samoëns opens its doors to you

14 June 2021

A real place of relaxation in the heart of the Haute-Savoie Alps, the village of Samoëns welcomes you to discover its exceptional heritage, its relaxing and rejuvenating activities and others that are more sporty but just as soothing. Alone, with friends or with you...

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A sporting summer in Samoëns

4 June 2021

This summer, vacationers have only one desire: to get some fresh air! After several months of restrictions, it is high time to unwind ... Do you want to spend a holiday in the great outdoors with friends and take the opportunity to practice multiple outdoor activiti...

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Cool off this summer in Samoëns, alone, with family or friends!

1 June 2021

This summer, Samoëns welcomes you in the heart of the Alps and makes you discover water in all its states. Explore the waterways by airboat, canoraft, canyoning, water skiing or just lounging around the pool. The more adventurous will let themselves be carried away ...

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Everything you need to know about cycling in the Giffre Valley and the Grand Massif

18 May 2021

Samoëns and the Giffre Valley offer an ideal setting for cycling in all its forms. Thanks to the diversity of the grounds, small and large will be able this summer to explore the large spaces thanks to this means of locomotion of the most playful. Between road bikin...

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What to do in Samoëns this summer with the family?

11 May 2021

The ideal destination for your family stays, the village of Samoëns and its resort are full of entertainment, activities and discoveries for you this summer. Young and old, come and recharge your batteries in the fresh air of the Haute-Savoie mountains. A program fu...

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What to do in late winter / early spring in Samoëns?

18 March 2021

In Samoëns, the months of March and April have many surprises in store for you. The temperatures, which vary from still winter cold to spring mildness, allow locals and tourists to enjoy hybrid activities in the mountains. Sometimes in the snow, sometimes ve...

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It will move this summer in Samoëns

8 October 2020

IN YOUR DIARIES : SUMMER EVENTS NOT TO BE MISSED IN SAMOENS !   Located in the heart of the Haute-Savoie, the resort of Samoëns benefits from an idyllic natural setting to live magical vacations with family or friends. This summer more than ever, vac...

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How does the resort of Samoëns welcome holidaymakers in the best conditions all summer long?

31 July 2020

Find on this page all the sanitary measures by activity. Throughout your navigation on our website, find on each page (activity, accommodation, etc...) informations dedicated to health measures. Since May 11, the deconfinement has be...

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12 September 2019

Take the time to breathe and enjoy a plenty of activities that we offer in summer in Samoens! Do you shoot or point? Haute-Savoie can also have a Provencal flavor. Many outdoor spaces are dedicated to petanque to enjoy with family or friends. Always in group, you ca...

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Mountain walks in summer in gondola at Samoëns 1600

27 August 2019

Thanks to the opening of the ski lifts in summer in Samoens 1600, stroll with the family and discover effortlessly exceptional mountain panoramas. When the desire for nature and relaxation is felt, enjoy the lifts for easy walks in scenery sumptuou...

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The natural reserve of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval

23 August 2019

The largest natural reserve in Haute-Savoie, the nature reserve of Sixt-Passy extends over a vast territory. Located close to Samoëns, it benefits from the presence of two imposing glacial cirques, those of Fer-à-Cheval and Fonts, from where we can...

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Other sporting activities in Samoëns in Haute-Savoie

20 August 2019

In the mountains, in the summer, plenty of activities are available to you. Except hiking and water sports, you will find here ideas to fully occupy your days in Samoens! Are you crazy about excitement? Do you like adventure? Or is it the more clas...

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Get into water

26 July 2019

In summer, we need freshness and the tumultuous Giffre, which goes through Samoens, is an excellent provider. In this mountain stream, all aquatic activities are allowed like hydrospeed, canoraft, canyoning. Invigorating ! ...

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Sports and action

Feet on the ground or head in the clouds? Because in summer, we also want new discoveries and sensations, in Samoëns and its surroundings, the range of sports action proposed will fill all those looking for a vacation out of the ordinary. ...

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25 July 2019

Take height With its 650 kilometers of hiking, the valley of the Haut-Giffre seduce all lovers of wild nature and exceptional landscapes. You will be able to take some refreshment at the edge of a lake of altitude, to observe marmots and ibexes i...

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