Heritage, outdoor activities, hiking or culinary discoveries: Samoëns is full of surprises and activities. Here are 10 activities to share with your family or friends.

1 – Visit a rich heritage in Samoëns

To set foot in Samoëns is to enter the homeland of renowned tailors, the Frahans. You will discover their heritage but also the rich cultural, religious and political history of the village. There are several ways to immerse yourself in this great historical melting pot: guided tours by the Savoie-Mont-Blanc heritage guides or a commented tour of the Savoyard village on the little train: the septitrain.

2 – Climb the rock walls of the valley

In the magnificent setting of the vallée du Giffre, climb the rocks, cliffs and walls of the Grand Massif to learn or improve your skills in climbing. Gymnastics, mental strength, self-control and autonomy are at the heart of this activity. Let yourself be tempted by this ascent accompanied by experienced guides to spend a pleasant and sporty moment.

3 – Fly over the Giffre valley in paraglider

This summer, come and fly over the majestic mountains of Haute-Savoie and the beautiful Giffre valley. First flights and paragliding courses are offered for the pleasure of young and old alike, in the heart of an exceptional environment. In tandem flight for guaranteed sensations, you will leave from take-off sites such as the Plateau des Saix at an altitude of 1600m, accompanied by an experienced instructor and will fly above the valley for an aerial trip with a negative difference in altitude of about 900m.

4 – Ride on two wheels

Samoëns is your ideal playground: marked trails, mountain bike tracks, mythical passes… There is something for everyone, whatever their level and desires!

400 km of trails, 28 freeride and single track trails and a legendary pass, welcome to the paradise of 2-wheelers. After the skiers, it’s the mountain bikers’ turn to enjoy the playground offered by the Grand Massif mountains. With family or friends, alone or with a guide, everyone will find the path that suits them in the heart of a preserved nature.

5 – Have a snack at the Jaÿsinia

A must to warm up and eat in Samoëns: the Jaÿsinia tea room. You will enjoy chocolates as well as a beautiful range of pastries or breads. Everything is concocted by Thierry Froissard, the best ice cream maker in France. Nothing better to regain energy after a day in the snow.

Galette septimontaine

6 – Taste the chestnut soup: a local specialty

It’s a local dish, and it’s good for the belly, especially in winter: it’s the neutered soup. This dish had for origin a very practical aspect: to avoid waste. Indeed, it was prepared on the basis of bread and cheese leftovers to give back to the septimontains the heart to work when they worked in the cold.

7 – Try the Afghan walk: an active meditation

Afghan walking is similar to active meditation. Practicing it in the mountains during the winter is to combine relaxation and a better management of the effort during the walk. Result: these exercises, which come from the nomads of the high plateaus, allow you to walk faster and further without getting tired.

8 – Walk in the footsteps of the sculptors

Fontaine des tailleurs de pierre à Samoëns

Follow in the footsteps of a rich past that is also present. A path allows you to wander through the village and the leisure center and discover sculptures. A beautiful initiative that we owe to the society of masons of Samoëns, heir to the tradition of stonecutters.

9 – Raft down the Giffre, the most beautiful alpine river

Embark on your inflatable, self-bailing and unsinkable raft, with up to 8 seats, to share a fun and friendly activity. The descent will be invigorating and instructive thanks to the presence of your guide who will give you all the essential advice to steer the boat safely. Rafting on the Giffre river, between Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval and Samoëns, will offer you a perfect mix between strong sensations with the pleasure of white water sliding and the discovery of the famous Tines gorges.

10 – Take a tour of the chapels

Another original way to dive into the history of Samoëns while admiring a unique heritage: the tour of the nine chapels of the commune of Samoëns. You will travel through five centuries of history and a common point: the bulbous bell tower common to each of the religious buildings.

… And as a bonus

To conclude this beautiful list, whatever the activity you will practice, there is one not to be missed: the sunset at La Bourgeoise. This sunset spot offers a magnificent panorama of the majestic Mont-Blanc. You may also see the impressive sea of clouds. Another unforgettable moment to share in Samoens!

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