Samoëns elected most beautiful village of Haute Savoie

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Its snow, church, historic market and alpine botanical garden, hamlets and chapels… To discover Samoëns is to immerse oneself in a history, that of a mecca of the Savoy. To walk its streets is to walk through a historical, human and gastronomic heritage. Between sports and culture or well-being and discoveries, here are the essentials!

The must-sees of Samoëns in Winter

The village

The picturesque village of Samoëns is historically the homeland of the stonecutters, called «Frahans», whose k...

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Alpine skiing

The village resort of Samoëns enjoys a prime location and an exceptional panorama, in the heart of the French ...

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Cross country skiing

Samoëns offers you two domains! A Nordic domain in the heart of the Giffre valley from Samoëns to Morillon and...

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Paradise of multi-activities

In Samoëns, you can practice a multitude of activities in complete freedom! Ski-joering, snowshoeing, paraglid...

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Samoëns, homeland of stonecutters

What you can not fail to see when you arrive in Samoëns is our rich heritage and our architecture different fr...

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The events

The village resort of Samoëns offers throughout the winter a large number of events that animate the village a...

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Events to come

Discover the events that you can't miss in Samoëns ! Throughout the year the village of the Alps is punctuated by a series of events. Sports, cultural, musical or gastronomic, they highlight a rich local life, that of a village, a valley and a region. In summer, winter and the rest of the year, the village is full of events to share with family or friends!

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Samoëns magazine

Stories, unforgettable events or great tips for your wintery or summery holidays here. Our blog reveals Samoëns, its surroundings and the richnesses of the Haute Savoie. Here you will find articles concerning all topics: local history, cultural heritage, charming spots portraits or peculiar events. Do not miss the village and the alpine ski resort news!

In Samoëns, the downhill ski pass is free for children under 8!

The Ecomueum

A cultural and musical winter in Samoëns

Outdoor winter activities in Samoëns

How to prepare your holiday in the Alps in Samoëns?

A winter in Samoëns that promises to be rich in events



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Même depuis la télécabine la vue est dingue 😍 ...

Désolé les lundis c’est vraiment trop dur 🤭
#samoens #ski #savoiemontblanctourisme #snow #winter #frenchalps #grandmassif #france #nature

79km de pistes de ski de fond dans un décor de rêve❄️
Balades piétonnes, raquettes, luge et ski de fond vous attendent sur les sites de @haut_giffre_nordique 😍
#nature #ski #skidefond #snow #winter #landscape #samoens #mountain #frenchalps

Une vraie carte postale 🙌🏻 ...

Le paradis blanc est de retour❄️
Et c’est que le début !
#samoens #snow #frenchalps #alps #france #savoiemontblanctourisme

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