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Samoëns, land of excursions

What strikes when arriving in Samoëns is the quietude and charm of the place. This village resort, semi-pedestrian, promises you a change of scenery in the idyllic Alps. This is without a doubt, the ideal place for your next vacation

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Samoëns essentials

A picturesque village with its church, its historic market and its alpine botanical garden, hamlets and chapels ... Discovering Samoëns, means to dive into a story, the one of a high place of Savoy. To go through its streets is to walk through an historical, human and gastronomical heritage. Amongst sport and culture or well-being and discoveries, here you are the must-haves!

The village

The picturesque village of Samoëns is historically the homeland of stonecutters, called "Frahans", whose know-how is famous since the seventeenth century. Even today, Samoëns preserves the history of the Frahans in its architecture: the dwellings of Samoëns are indeed built of stone and not wood, thus standing out from their neighbours ...

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The ski area

Located in the heart of Haute-Savoie (74) between Geneva and Chamonix, Grand Massif is the 4th largest ski area in France. It extends over 7500 hectares and offers about142 tracks - 265 km of slide. Connecting the resorts of Flaine, Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns and Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, the Grand Massif offers you the unique opportunity to ski having the Mont-Blanc in front of you in magnificent landscapes and a 360 ° panorama on the Alps.

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Fer à Cheval

The largest nature reserve in Haute-Savoie, the nature reserve of Sixt-Passy extends over a vast territory. Located near Samoëns, it benefits of the presence of two imposing glacial cirques, those of Fer-à-Cheval and Fonts, from which impressive waterfalls spring. An ideal natural setting to discover during family hikes. The refuges of the reserve will be useful for you as a starting point or an arrival for your hikes!

Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval natural reserve

The good life in Samoëns

Throughout the seasons, Samoëns is punctuated by its 2400 inhabitants, stonemasons and events that animate the place of Gros Tilleul. Throughout the year, Samoëns is a showcase of French living and pays careful attention to the septimontain art of living. For a millennium, the village has remained an attractive and prosperous place, where cultural and natural heritage have been preserved.

The events

Discover the events not to be missed in Samoëns. Throughout the year the village of the Alps is punctuated by a series of events: sportives, cultural, musical or gastronomical, they highlight a rich local life, the one of a village, a valley and a region.

Our events

The botanical garden "La Jaÿsinia"

The alpine botanical garden "La Jaÿsinia" with its 2400 varieties of plants, offers a poetical walk through the alpine flora as well as the one from the mountains of the five continents.


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Events to come

Discover the events not to be missed in Samoëns. Throughout the year the village of the Alps is punctuated by a series of events. Sports, cultural, musical or gastronomic, they highlight a rich local life, that of a village, a valley and a region. In summer, winter and the rest of the year, the village is full of events to share with family or friends!

From 12/12 to 27/12

The Christmas Village

Celebrate Christmas in the fairytale atmosphere of the Christmas chalets in the heart of the village of Samoëns. Experience the magic of the festive season and meet Santa Claus.

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From 28/07 to 20/04


Discover the history of Samoens and it’s architecture, with this guided tour.

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From 03/07 to 30/09

Geocaching on Samoëns

By downloading the Geocaching application, go in search of a magnificent place where you will find "treasures" or geocaches, in the form of a treasure hunt with your smartphone.

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From 01/07 to 30/09

The treasure hunt

Come and solve the puzzles during treasure hunts suitable for all ages, for walks in the village to do with the family. Roadmap to collect at the Tourist Office.

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Samoens has stories - BLOG

Stories, unforgettable events or great tips for your wintery or summery holidays here. Our blog reveals Samoëns, its surroundings and th richnesses of High Savoy. Here you will find articles concerning all topics: local history, cultural heritage, charming spots portraits or peculiar events. Do not miss the village and the alpine ski resort news!

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