The good life

Between terroir and discovery, Samoëns welcomes the contemplative in search of escape

19 November 2021

The historic village of Samoëns, its neighbouring hamlets and its wide, flat valley are the ideal place to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Between the cultural activities and the sports activities that are as relaxing as they are access...

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The mountains are a proven friend of our health!

31 August 2021

We often hear phrases such as "The fresh mountain air has done me a world of good", "The mountains are good for you", "I'm going to the mountains to recharge my batteries", but what are the real benefits of the mountains for our health? Numerous scientific studies h...

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Well being hikes

25 June 2021

Samoëns is the ideal place to relax. In the heart of the Giffre mountains, the air is pure and well-being is the center of attention. For the comfort of visitors, Samoëns offers many activities in harmony with nature and the environment such as Afghan walki...

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Samoëns and its heritage: discover the region with our farmers

5 January 2021

To discover a terroir, what better than to meet its actors? Lovers of farm products: cheeses, charcuterie, meats or eggs, here is where to find what you are looking for. GAEC des Croës Canailles – production and sale of fresh cheeses ...

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The speciality of Samoëns : the chestnut soup

12 November 2020

Want a little taste of the mountains at home? What could be better than a good and easy recipe to make with your family! We suggest a local specialty: chestnut soup. Short story This dish is very hearty. It allowed and still allows to use the leftover...

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Take care of yourself in the great outdoors this winter in Samoëns

Is there a better time of the year than the holidays to think about your well-being and take care of yourself? For this, the mountain is your best ally and Samoëns, a charming semi-pedestrian village resort, located in the heart of the Giffre Valley, promises you a...

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A lively autumn in Samoëns: stock up on memories

1 October 2020

It follows summer and precedes winter, yet between these two key seasons in Samoëns, autumn does not in any way mean downtime. We offer you an overview of the activities on offer: sports, culture, treasure hunts with the family: make your choice(s)! ...

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Samoëns s’anime avant l’hiver, entre visites et activités sportives d’automne

21 October 2019

Découvrez toutes les activités et sorties à réaliser en solo ou en groupe dans cet écrin des Alpes. Vous souhaitez lier l’utile à l’agréable ? Découvrir un patrimoine Savoyard et tester ou rapporter en souvenir des produits emblématiques ? La visite des fermes alpin...

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30 August 2019

Whether for summer, winter vacations or the rest of the year, the village is full of events. For example, the Savoyard terroir is honored in January with the Week Vigneronne. Samoëns celebrates gastronomy and good life with the reception of winemakers from all over ...

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All tastes are in Samoëns

26 July 2019

Who says vacation says culinary pleasures and, on this side too, Samoëns will fill you. Lovers of good food, you have chosen the right destination. In the village or on the slopes, the catering offer is expanded. From the snack...

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