Samoëns is the ideal place to relax. In the heart of the Giffre mountains, the air is pure and well-being is the center of attention. For the comfort of visitors, Samoëns offers many activities in harmony with nature and the environment such as Afghan walking, sensory walking as well as a range of treatments to forget everyday stress and live every moment intensely.


The Afghan walk 

Connecting with nature is one of the most effective ways to let go of the hectic life of everyday life. Quintessence offers you an introduction to Afghan walking. The goal is to synchronize the rhythm of your steps with your breathing for a regenerative and stress-relieving walk. This meditative experience allows practitioners to experience the benefits of nature on themselves in an intense way.

Price: €24 – More information.

Marche afghane
Rivière du Giffre

Sensory walking

Another practice, other benefits, sensory walking is also supervised by Quintessence. This discipline allows you to reconnect with the environment and with yourself. Step by step and rhythmically, the forest trails open up to those who take the time to contemplate and listen to what nature has to offer. In a group or in family, sensory walking allows you to discover the environment that surrounds us with its shapes, textures, colors, sounds and smells. Nature thus offers a plenitude that allows you to recharge your batteries intensely.

Price : €24 – More information.

Nordic walking

Between sport and well-being, Nordic walking allows you to enjoy the benefits of nature while exercising physically in an exceptional setting. This very popular discipline in the Scandinavian countries is practiced all year round. Halfway between hiking and jogging, this brisk walk takes place in the most beautiful corners of the Giffre mountains around Samoëns.

Price : €18 for 2 hours walking with sticks loan

Marche nordique
yoga rando

Hiking yoga

A gentle walk, an inspiring setting and the benefits of vinyasa yoga. What could be better than an inspiring walk in a grandiose and calming setting to be able to refocus? Complete it with a Yoga practice!

Price from €35  – More information.

Nature getaway , to meet oneself

A walk accessible to all, punctuated by moments of pause: gentle stretching, conscious breathing, presence in Nature. While walking, get closer to Self and to Its environment.

Supervised by  Orelia, yoga teacher and  Agnieska, mountain guide

Price : €30


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