Who says vacation says culinary pleasures and, on this side too, Samoëns will fill you.

Lovers of good food, you have chosen the right destination. In the village or on the slopes, the catering offer is expanded. From the snack bar to the semi-gastronomic restaurant, from the organic to the traditional, you can discover the specialties of the region, made from fresh and seasonal products.

The tartiflette of course, but also the raclette, the fondue, the unavoidable diots, sausages of Savoy, and the crozets, square pasta with buckwheat flour, will fill all the appetites. And what about the famous blueberry pie … Nothing, you just have to taste it! If you want to bring some mountain gastronomy back home, several Savoyard and Haute-Savoie specialty shops will open their doors in Samoëns. Sausage, mountain honey, blueberries with syrup (to make cakes or to taste with cottage cheese!), Biscuits and the aerial cake of Savoy will make excellent gifts … or will extend pleasantly your escapade in Samoens if you finally decide to keep them once back!