Want a little taste of the mountains at home? What could be better than a good and easy recipe to make with your family! We suggest a local specialty: chestnut soup.

Short story

This dish is very hearty. It allowed and still allows to use the leftovers (hardened cheese and hard bread). It was good for the belly, which allowed the septimontains to give them energy to work in the cold.

Why: “chastened” because this soup is made in rather thick layers and to mix it, it must be cut and therefore chastened.

Ingredients for 4 people:

1 toasted or stale bread
1 tome “goutteuse
1 onion
some fat


Brown the onions in the fat, add the seasoned water (salt + pepper). Make an onion soup.
Put in a dish (jar or terrine style) successive layers of tomme and bread up to the top of the dish. Strain the soup to remove the onions. Soak ¾ of the dish. Put in the oven 1 hour Th 8 for the first ½ hour then Th 6.
Let it gratinate well then remove from the oven and drizzle with a black butter (which starts to foam).

Just have to taste it. Thanks to Marie-Françoise Delesmillières from La Fandioleuse for this recipe.

Enjoy your meal!