Is there a better time of the year than the holidays to think about your well-being and take care of yourself? For this, the mountain is your best ally and Samoëns, a charming semi-pedestrian village resort, located in the heart of the Giffre Valley, promises you a change of scenery and total rejuvenation in the idyllic setting of the Alps. The resort is ready to welcome holidaymakers looking for a getaway and a change of scenery this winter! Between gentle walks, cold yoga, mindful skiing or simply relaxing in dedicated spaces, take the time this winter to disconnect and let yourself go…

Discover the intense yoga of the cold…

Cold yoga practices (also called toumo) were developed mainly by Tibetans in the Himalayas in very hostile conditions. The cold is known to bring many health benefits: improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthening of immunity, better sleep at night, favorable effect on thermoregulation… The activity starts with a snowshoe walk, during which yoga postures are practiced, the breath is activated, the muscles contracted and the body rubbed to activate the internal heat. The breath is used as a tool of consciousness. So many tips for reconnecting with the environment as well as with yourself and learning how to better fight the cold.

Yoga hiver à Samoëns

Relax in the middle of nature with the Afghan walk

Synchronizing your breathing with the rhythm of your steps for a regenerating walk is a relaxing and quasi-meditative experience. The Afghan walk comes to us from Afghanistan where it was practiced by nomads on the highlands. Considered as an “active meditation”, the Afghan walk allows you to combine relaxation, relaxation and better management of your effort in the mountains. By synchronizing your breathing with the rhythm of your steps, you will “rediscover” your internal sensations, stimulate your senses, breathe better while walking and develop a different perception of your external environment. Thus, you will walk faster and further without getting tired!

Price: from 24€

Marche afghane à Samoëns

Regain confidence on your skis by testing mindfulness skiing

Discover mindful skiing on skis or snowboard. Leave outside thoughts and worries behind to fully enjoy every turn. A practice that reduces stress for people who are apprehensive about skiing, when it is crowded or after an injury.

Learning to refocus on your body and mind in tune with the present moment and the environment around you can work wonders on the way you ski or snowboard! Concentration and breathing will be the key words for these delicious moments to enjoy skiing differently.

All winter on request.

Hatha-yoga with the Eva Ruchpaul Institute

Stretching, breathing, relaxation, yoga brings a better knowledge of oneself. Hatha Yoga from the Eva Ruchpaul technique is a gentle method that stretches muscles and joints by listening to one’s skills. Breathing is conscious and omnipresent throughout the session. The postures and the associated breathing allow the mind to rest, the body to relax and to achieve an exceptional inner calm at the end of the lesson.

Price: from 24€

Séjour Yoga Samoëns

Practice a fitness walk with Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a technique that promotes cardiovascular activity and lightens the body during exercise. In a friendly atmosphere, it is a sporty walk but accessible to all which is practiced with sticks, to propel the body. It is an excellent alternative for people who are not or no longer used to practicing a sport. Very complete, Nordic walking also allows you to escape and free your mind by enjoying a unique setting…

Price: from 23€

THE EVENT: Wellness Meetings – From April 8 to 11, 2021

After the success of this summer, the Wellness Meetings return at the end of winter to make you live, in the heart of the village of Samoëns, four days dedicated to relaxation and well-being!

Organized by the “Terres de bien-être” association, the event brings together many professionals from the Giffre valley who come to offer multiple relaxation workshops: from yoga to Afghan walking, including meditation, reflexology, massages or even free dancing… Les Rencontres Bienêtre are many activities that promise to make you spend a unique weekend, filled with sweetness!

Price: From €5 to €50 and many free appointments

Réflexologie à Samoëns