This summer, Samoëns opens the doors of its mountain range for the pleasure of all. Whether you are a family or a solo, whether you are an amateur or an expert, take to the skies and discover the Alps as you have never seen them before.
Mountaineering, climbing, paragliding or even rafting, there is something for everyone. So, young and old, come and try your hand at climbing and mountain sports with our experienced guides.

Climbing sports in the heart of the Grand Massif

Climbing, taming the rock faces in Samoëns

The Alps in the vertical

In the magnificent setting of the vallée du Giffre, climb the rocks, cliffs and walls of the Grand Massif to learn or improve your skills in climbing. Gymnastics, mental strength, self-control and autonomy are at the heart of this activity. Let yourself be tempted by this ascent accompanied by experienced guides to spend a pleasant and sporty moment.

For all ages

For the pleasure of all, young and old, multiple sites offering numerous routes are to be discovered in Samoëns. Training courses or initiations for the youngest are proposed from 3 years old with instructors for an optimal safety. Something to amuse your children during the summer while making them discover Samoëns and climbing.

Escalade à Samoëns
Escalade à Samoëns

Activity possible from 01/04 to 31/10

Subject to weather conditions

Rates from 35€ for a child and 40€ for an adult

Training course and group rates possible

The price includes the safety and progression equipment (rope, harness, helmet, belay system). Bring sneakers if climbing shoes are not provided. Activity possible all year round and every day.

Subject to favorable weather conditions

Group rates possible

Minimum height of 1m40 for children

Discover the landscapes overhanging the Giffre valley with the Via Ferrata

Between hiking and climbing, discover the Via Ferrata

To discover the rocky massifs of the Alps, opt for the via ferrata. Between hiking and climbing, enjoy the sensations of climbing along natural walls in a fun and spectacular way, in complete safety. This aerial hike will provide a dose of adrenaline for the whole family, in the heart of the Grand Massif.

With the help of a harness connected to the wall by a cable, you will be able, in complete confidence and accompanied by a guide, to reach the terrain otherwise reserved for more experienced climbers. Along the way, footbridges and monkey bridges make climbing more fun.

Discover the Haute-Savoie as you have never seen it before

The via ferrata will allow you to admire and dominate the magnificent landscapes that the Giffre valley offers. Among the spectacular landscapes, you will be able to discover the famous gorges of Tines, located between Samoëns and Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval. Other itineraries can be proposed around Samoëns like Le Saix du Tour, La Tête de l’Éléphant or Le Jalouvre – Les Saix de Miolène in order to discover the Alps from all angles.

Via ferrata Samoëns

Mountaineering, discovering the high mountains

Climb Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe

Take a breath of fresh air at 4808 m

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe and the Alps. This mountain range with its white coat makes many people dream all over the world. Its ascent requires good physical conditions. But that’s not all, during this trek, the emphasis is put on safety, but also on self-control, mental strength and autonomy. An experience full of emotions and unique in its kind.

Discover the Mont-Blanc thanks to courses adapted to the rhythm of each one

For the good progress of the ascent, training courses are proposed in order to adapt to the ground and the altitude. Each day of training will be a discovery of techniques mountaineering to climb the Mont-Blanc serenely at the end of this course. The itinerary of the ascent is made to measure for the pleasure of all.

alpinisme - hiver - montagne - crête

Activity possible from 06/05 to 19/09

Subject to favorable weather conditions 

Prices (a 5 day course for 2 people) from 850€ and allow between 200€ and 400€ per person for the ski lifts, half board in the refuge and the guide’s fees.

Personal equipment : goretex pants, goretex jacket, fleece jacket, tights, warm underwear, warm gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, two water bottles for drinks and a headlamp.

Technical equipment: boots, crampons and ice axe. The rest of the equipment is provided by the guide.


Activities possible all year round and every day depending on the providers

Subject to favorable weather conditions

Group rates possible

The price includes the loan of technical equipment.

Please bring mountain boots

Discover the high mountains through various activities

The glacier hikes

Discover the numerous glaciers of the Haute-Savoie, thanks to the glacier hikes. By the day or in the form of courses, learn to walk with crampons on a glacier and to climb icefalls, thanks to our experienced guides. The final ascent can be done in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif or in the Haut-Giffre massif, where the Ruan glacier is located. Thanks to the glacier trekking, you can access the preserved universe of the high mountains.

Hiking in the high mountains

Simple hikes or high pass crossings, the many ascents offered, small and large, are adapted to the physical condition and desires of each person, to make you (re)discover the magical universe of the high mountains, in complete safety. Guided by experienced professionals, these moments of emotion will allow you to explore the richness of the mountain ranges of the region. The Haut Giffre massif, suspended above the Cirque du Fer à Cheval, will give you access to isolated summits, such as the Tenneverge (2989 m) or the Grand Ruan (3040 m). You can also discover the itineraries of the Mont Blanc Massif or those that follow the Alpine glaciers.

hiver - paysage

Other sensational activities in Samoëns for the whole family

Samoëns in quad, the all-terrain adventure

Trails through the mountains of the Grand Massif

Go on an adventure in quad on the trails of Samoëns and its mountainous massifs. You will discover the Giffre valley with your family or friends on your approved quad. Different mountain tours with meals and nights in a refuge are proposed. What to make you live unforgettable sensations. 

Some conditions for an obstacle-free quad ride

In order to have a good time, a quad ride requires some conditions. Before leaving for the trails of Haute-Savoie, an initiation to the handling of the quad will be necessary in order to take in hand the machine serenely. You must be 16 years old and have a BSR or B license to drive the quad and live an unforgettable experience.

paysage - été - quad

Activity possible from 10/04 to 30/09 and from 28/10 to 04/11

From 90€ per hour + 10€ for a passenger

Group rates possible

Rates include quad and helmet

Please bring a sport outfit and shoes


Activity possible all year round and every day

Flight cancelled or postponed in case of bad weather

Prices from 75-85€.

Different flight possibilities and routes depending on the budget

Training course and group rates possible

Bring hiking shoes or tennis shoes, a fleece or a windbreaker

Minimum age 4 years old depending on the experience

Paragliding over the Giffre valley

The beauty of the Giffre valley seen from above

This summer, come and fly over paragliding the majestic mountains of Haute-Savoie and the beautiful Giffre valley. First flights and paragliding courses are offered for the pleasure of young and old alike, in the heart of an exceptional environment. In tandem flight for guaranteed sensations, you will leave from the take-off sites like the Saix plateau at 1600m of altitude, accompanied by an experienced instructor and will fly above the valley for an aerial trip with a negative difference in altitude of about 900m. Tandem paragliding is also possible from Samoens, for a smoother flight. The wind will make you take off, in all lightness, from the sloping pastures to make you live a unique experience. Tandem or tandem flight, you will discover Samoëns from the sky, with as only sound, the poetry of the wind.

Learn with certified instructors

To fly in Samoens no experience is necessary. Just let yourself be guided by an experienced instructor, for maximum safety. He will share with you his passion and his advice to make you live a unique experience. Discover the sky of Samoëns and fly over the Criou during the different first flights and courses. The diversity of the courses will allow you to fly alone with technical assistance or to improve your skills and obtain your pilot’s license.

Samoens 209

Learn survival in Samoens with Men VS Wild

Living in the Grand Massif

Go into survival mode and live in immersion in the Samoëns mountain range with Men VS Wild. Explore this multi-faceted natural environment. A hike, adapted to all audiences, on the theme of nature and the wilderness, will allow you to learn more about the mountain environment. Hydration, making a fire, surviving hypothermia, building a shelter… all the survival tips will be taught to you!

A tailor-made survival experience

Through a story narrated by your guide, such as getting lost in an unknown environment for example, you will be immersed in an exciting simulation full of pitfalls. You choose the place and the distance of the course varies between 5 and 12 kilometers with a difference in altitude of about 300m. A unique and rewarding experience for young and old.

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rivière - giffre - paysage

Activity possible all year round and every day

Half day rate at 130€.

Full day rate at 200€.

Please bring sportswear and shoes.

spéléologie - grotte

Activity possible all year round and every day

Subject to favorable weather conditions

Prices from 44€ onwards

Group rates possible

The price includes the loan of technical and safety equipment (harness, helmet with light, wetsuit)

Please bring old clothes that are close to the body, closed shoes like sneakers or hiking shoes, a backpack and gloves.

Children from 5 years old can practice caving accompanied by an adult

Discovering the subsoil of Haute-Savoie with caving

Caving for all

Caves and chasms are part of the natural treasures of the region. Hidden under the immensity of the Haute-Savoie mountains, caving allows you to admire and explore these underground wonders. Accompanied by an experienced guide, discover the galleries of the mountainous basement of Samoëns. Caving is an exceptional and attractive activity. It is a fun activity with impressive passages, without difficulty or compulsory narrow passages, to suit everyone. Experienced as well as beginners, children as well as adults, will find their pleasure in this practice in order to spend an unforgettable moment in family or between friends.

Journey to the heart of the earth with caving

Caving will open the doors to a sensational adventure. You will discover stalactites and stalagmites but also natural slides and underground rivers. You will explore the galleries and the ornate rooms. Accompanied by a guide who will initiate you to the different techniques of progression like climbing and abseiling, adapted to the level of each one. Initiations to speleology are proposed to discover the caves of Balmes, those of Mégevette or the underground river of Diau.

spéléologie Samoëns

Sensational water sports in the heart of Samoëns’ white water

The airboat, to discover the Giffre with agility and speed

Discover the airboat, a kayak with ease

Let yourself be tempted by the sensations of white water aboard your airboat. The descent of the Giffre river with the crossing of the gorges will provide you with sliding sensations in complete safety thanks to this craft similar to the kayak. In reality, the airboat is a kayak that is easier to use. The airboat’s self-bailing system allows you to glide through the water with agility regardless of the water flow and the inflation of the boat offers more stability.

An activity in autonomy but just as friendly

The airboat is a single-seater kayak that will allow you to evolve in autonomy and in total freedom during your descent, to progress rapidly along the water. Nevertheless, a guide and the rest of the group will make the activity more fun and friendly. A moment of autonomy but also of sharing, for the pleasure of all.

airboat resize
Samoëns 115

Activity possible from 01/04 to 31/10, every day

Subject to favorable weather conditions

Prices from 38€ onwards

Group rates possible

The price includes the loan of technical and safety equipment (helmet, wetsuit, shoes,…)

Bring your own bathing suit and towel 

Children from 10 years old can practice the airboat

It is essential to know how to swim

Samoëns 110

Activity possible from 01/04 to 31/10, every day 

Subject to favorable weather conditions

Rates from 38€ onwards

Group rates possible

The price includes the loan of technical and safety equipment (helmet, wetsuit,…)

Please bring your bathing suit, towel and sport shoes

Children from 10 years old can practice the airboat

It is essential to know how to swim

Discover a two-seater canoe, the canoraft

Canoeing on the Giffre

Between Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval and Samoëns, passing through the gorges for the most experienced, travel the Giffre in your two-seater canoe. On board your inflatable canoe, unsinkable and self-bailing, you will be close to the waves. Its more aerodynamic shape than the raft will allow you, armed with your paddle, to feel the river and its current. Contrary to the rigid canoe, the canoraft does not fear shocks or jamming. Thanks to its lightness, the handling and manipulation of the canoraft is easier. It is also faster and more precise. The canoraft is an ideal boat to discover and learn the techniques of river navigation.

Coordination of a pair

After the briefing of your guide on the techniques of navigation and safety, you will be able to venture into the tumultuous waters of the Giffre thanks to his advice. With your partner, you will go down the river by coordinating yourselves to control and direct the boat with the right impulse. Thanks to the recommendations of the guide who will follow you throughout the descent, to the stability and the maneuverability of the canoraft, you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of navigation in pairs and the magnificent landscapes offered by the rapids of Samoens.

rivière - giffre - canoe - eau

Play with white water thanks to hydrospeed

Surf on the Giffre with hydrospeed

Discover the Giffre and its white water with a foam float, fins and a reinforced wetsuit for guaranteed sensations. Hydrospeed is a sliding activity which combines the pleasure of descents and the pleasure of surfing. Accessible to all, white water swimming will allow you to evolve individually and to surf the waves and eddies that are offered to you. You will come out of this activity with a whole new vision of the river!

An experience accompanied by an experienced guide

Accompanied by an instructor who will explain all the maneuvers necessary to evolve in white water, you will be able to understand the river, the strength of its currents and the functioning of the hydrospeed, easily. Each stop will be an opportunity to benefit from the advice and exercises proposed by your guide to progress with your float in this natural environment. River descents will no longer hold any secrets for you.

giffre - sport - eau - été - hydrospeed

Activity possible from 01/04 to 31/10, every day

Subject to favorable weather conditions

Prices from 43€ onwards

Group rates possible

The price includes the loan of technical equipment

Bring your bathing suit and a towel

Children from 12 years old can practice hydrospeed

It is essential to know how to swim

giffre - sport - eau - été - raft

Activity possible from 01/05 to 30/09, every day

Subject to favorable weather conditions

Prices from 45€ onwards

Group rates possible

The price includes the loan of technical equipment 

Bring your swimsuit, a towel and sport shoes

Children from 12 years old can practice the mini-raft

It is essential to know how to swim

The mini-raft, live the sensations of white water

Enjoy the thrill of mini-raft

Aboard your mini-raft, come and enjoy the thrill of the descent from Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval to Samoëns through the famous and tumultuous Gorges des Tines. The mini-raft will allow you to live an adventure in semi-autonomy, leaving the guide in his own boat. An initial briefing will provide you with the necessary keys to navigate the river and take control of your boat during the hazards of whitewater. You will live an adventure full of strong sensations in complete control and safety.

The mini-raft, a group sports challenge

Come and challenge yourself as a group, by getting into your two or four-seater mini-raft. This sporting challenge relies on the coordination of the team members. Everyone has a well-defined role that will allow the boat to navigate in whitewater. While some will steer the boat, others will take on the role of driving the mini-raft by paddling. Good teamwork and coordination will allow you to challenge the Giffre and its rapids to stay on course and experience the thrill of the ride.

rivière - giffre - raft - eau

Canyoning, a fun aquatic walk

Discovering canyoning

Haute-Savoie is full of surprises and activities. To discover it from another angle, try canyoning. Accompanied by a mountain guide, come and venture into this natural setting where the gentle waters and the devastating violence of the floods have created surprising shapes. Suspended from a wire along a waterfall to rappel down, you will have fun sliding down natural slides carved in the rock and jumping into the water basins. Canyoning offers you an excursion in a wild, unique and idyllic water environment.

For young and old, the canyons are available to you

This fun aquatic activity, full of sensations, is suitable for the whole family and for all expectations. Canyoning is for young and old alike thanks to the diversity of canyons in Samoëns and the surrounding area. From the aquatic walk to the most sportive options where jumps, slides and abseils are linked, it is a large choice of courses which are offered to all the family. Canyoning is a refreshing activity, full of sensations adapted to everyone’s desires and accessible to all.

Canyoning à Samoëns
Low angle view of a member of canyoning team with yellow helmet and backpack moving down the cliff in the canyon.

Activity possible from 01/04 to 31/10, every day

Subject to favorable weather conditions

Prices from 39€ onwards

Group rates possible

The price includes the loan of technical and safety equipment (wetsuit, slippers, helmet, harness,…)

Bring your bathing suit, a towel and closed shoes (sneakers,…)

Children from 6 years old can practice canyoning

It is essential to know how to swim

Raft down the Giffre, the most beautiful alpine river

The pleasure of rafting

Embark on your inflatable, self-bailing and unsinkable raft, with up to 8 seats, to share a fun and friendly activity. The descent will be invigorating and instructive thanks to the presence of your guide who will give you all the essential advice to steer the boat safely. Rafting on the Giffre river, between Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval and Samoëns, will offer you a perfect mix between strong sensations with the pleasure of white water sliding and the discovery of the famous Tines gorges.

An activity with friends or family

Rafting is an accessible activity for young and old, with family or friends, and for sportsmen or beginners. From the water ride to the sensational descent, the experienced guides will adapt to your request to offer you a moment rich in emotions. Your guide will add games and exercises during the descent. He will also share with you his knowledge of the surrounding fauna and flora to discover this preserved nature. Humor, interactivity and animations will be at the rendez-vous to tighten the bonds and reveal the challenge.

Samoëns 135
Rafting sur le Giffre

Activity possible from 01/04 to 31/10, every day

Prices from 35€ onwards

Group rates possible

The price includes the loan of technical equipment (wetsuit, helmet, life jacket)

Bring your bathing suit, a towel and closed sports shoes

Children from 6 years old can practice rafting

It is essential to know how to swim.

giffre - sport - eau - été - boué

Activity possible from 15/03 to 07/11, every day

Prices from 40€ onwards

The price includes the loan of technical equipment

Bring your bathing suit and a towel

Children from 12 years old can practice tubing

It is essential to know how to swim


The tubing to discover the white water in solo

Tubing is part of the rafting and white water sports family. It allows you to evolve in total autonomy in your own boat (a large buoy) along the rapids of the Giffre. An instructor will be at your side in his own boat to accompany you and teach you how to steer your reinforced inflatable buoy. This is an ideal activity for thrill-seekers, whether you’ve been on a similar activity or not. This activity, very intuitive and fun, will encourage you to surpass yourself in complete autonomy.

Discovering the scenery of the Giffre

Sitting in your boat, discover the greatness of the Giffre River from a whole new angle. During your tubing descent, you will discover new points of view of this protected valley. You will experience the flora and fauna of one of the most beautiful valleys of the Haute-Savoie. Between two currents, look up and admire the mountains that surround you!

giffre - rivière - bouée - été


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