Books … and me ! The festival dedicated to children’s literature in Samoëns

In Samoëns, reading enthusiasts meet for an event dedicated to children’s literature. During several days, writers and artists from the region offer young people to discover literature in all its forms. The meetings between authors, illustrators and the young public are at the heart of this weekend placed under the sign of the book in all its forms.

A moment of discovery for young and old

Thanks to the “Des livres … et moi” festival, children and teenagers are encouraged to explore literature in all its forms in order to discover the pleasure of reading, to give meaning to the world around them and to develop their imagination. For all ages and all tastes, the festival offers, thanks to the presence of writers and illustrators, the discovery of a wide range of styles to help young people appropriate literature in its entirety.

Specially adapted to young people (from 0 to 18 years old), the literature and the formats present on the festival offer a moment of escape where reality mixes with fiction and the everyday meets the extraordinary.


A weekend of activities, exhibitions and meetings for all

Many moments of sharing and exchange punctuate this weekend. Young people are invited to create stories, to learn drawing techniques with authors and designers, and to discover other beautiful things during the workshops. The Place du Gros Tilleul is transformed for a weekend into a large open-air creative space.

The festival “des livres … et moi” also invites itself to the auditorium of the Bois aux Dames. During the weekend, shows and other animations are proposed for the youngest as well as for the oldest. A real cultural aside, the animations and shows stimulate the curiosity of young people, making the festival lively and entirely adapted to children.

The book and art in all its splendor

“Des livres … et moi” is the big book festival in Samoëns. All kinds of books are represented, from stories to novels, comics or children’s books. Samoëns welcomes the whole family during a weekend of discovery and reading thanks to a festival created and adapted to the youngest as well as the oldest. Painters and illustrators are also present, exhibiting and sharing their know-how during workshops.

The “Books … and me” festival in brief:


  • Meetings between authors, illustrators and the young public
  • Writing and painting workshops with a professional
  • Animations on the place du Gros Tilleul
  • The presence of regional artists and writers
  • Concerts and shows at the Espace le Bois aux Dames

Foire aux questions

Where is the ``Books ... and me`` festival located?
Due to the weather conditions, the festival will take place at the Espace du Bois aux Dames. Whether it’s meetings with authors or creative activities, you will find plenty of opportunities to spend a good time immersing yourself in the literary world.
What are the animations proposed during the weekend?
Throughout the weekend, many animations are proposed, answering all the tastes and all the ages. Whether to satisfy fans of comics or novels, many authors will be present to represent all literary genres. Creative workshops will also be available. On the program: drawing, painting, and story writing, for example, will satisfy young and old.
Are there any activities reserved for the little ones?
Although the book festival offers workshops and events for children who can already read, others will be accessible to the youngest. Painting, drawing or even storytelling will give youngsters a special moment around words and books.
Who is this book festival for?
As you can see, the “Books … and me” festival is not only for children. The whole family will find its account there between the authors, the literary kinds, the animations and the proposed spectacles. It is a great moment of culture to come and discover in the heart of the Haut-Giffre valley.