In Samoëns, the months of March and April have many surprises in store for you. The temperatures, which vary from still winter cold to spring mildness, allow locals and tourists to enjoy hybrid activities in the mountains. Sometimes in the snow, sometimes very dry in flourishing places, this time of year is ideal for combining snow holidays and spring activities. Thus, in the heart of the Haute-Savoie Alps, in the Giffre valley, the village of Samoëns welcomes you to make you experience an unforgettable hybrid stay.

  It’s still winter in SAMOËNS

Cross country skiing

The cross-country skiing season is not over yet! For your stay in March, you will have the chance to still be able to explore the magnificent slopes of the Nordic areas of Samoëns. Facing Mont Blanc, you will enjoy the joys of skiing and effort for a few more weeks thanks to the practice of cross-country skiing.

For the technique, you have the choice! Whether skating or classic, this Nordic activity is ideal for the whole family and all levels of practice.

Are you getting into practice? Don’t panic, Samoëns gives you all his tips to start in the best way!


A combination of cross-country skiing and laser rifle shooting, biathlon is a fun and sporting activity that will appeal to the whole family.

Accessible to everyone from 10 years old, our instructors from the French ESF Ski School will help you discover the basics of practice. Reclining or standing shooting, breath management and boardsports advice, you will be supervised for more than 2 hours to discover this snow-capped mountain activity.

ski de fond - hiver - paysage

Crosscountry skiing : until the 26 th of april – more information here

Biathlon : until the 26 th of april

Biathlon training during winter blizzard.

Nordic skiing

A desire for wide open spaces and escape? Ski touring is for you!

Autonomously or accompanied, discover the mountain in a different way in Samoëns, for a few more weeks. The mountains of the Alps open up to you and with that beautiful routes, the most beautiful of which are recommended here.

From Vercland to Samoëns 1600 by the Grand Crêt slope (800 meters of vertical drop). Download the route.

From Samoëns 1600 to Tête des Saix (520 meters of vertical drop) either via Vérosse and Dahu via Lac des Gouilles Rouges, or for the more athletic, via the marmot track. Download the route. Please note that this one is no longer marked.

In the Bostan / Golèse sector, possibility of climbing to the refuge (700 meters of vertical drop). For the initiated and the more athletic, possibility of pushing the climb above the refuges.

It is therefore essential to find out about the conditions and bring a safety pack (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe) before entering these different areas. Evolution at your own risk. We advise you to be accompanied by a professional.


A compendium of sensations and breathtaking landscapes

You will have the opportunity to discover the mountains of the Haute-Savoie Alps and the Grand Massif areas… by snowmobile!

This guided hike, offers you 1h30 of pleasure between forests and snowy slopes. With a break at the top of Les Carroz, you will enjoy a superb view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. You can experience a real snowmobile ride on a varied route with a break to enjoy the viewpoint on the Aravis, Megève, Combloux, Faucigny, Salève, Annemasse and Geneva.

raquette vallée du haut giffre

Snowshoering walks

Discover the forests, snow-covered paths and tracks of the Samoëns and Grand Massif domains.

Put on your snowshoes, your water bag and go for a hike with your feet in the snow, independently or guided.
This activity, accessible to all, is ideal for a day in the mountains with family or friends. To guide you in the choice of your itinerary, we share with you our 4 favorite itineraries in the Haute-Giffre valley. For even more possibilities, find various routes here.

You can rent your material at one of our service providers in Samoëns.

Frozen river

Your nature experience, at the end of the paddle!

Have you ever thought about going down a river in winter? Well now yes!

Accompanied by Nunayak you will descend the Giffre river, covered from head to toe so as not to feel the cold. Wetsuits, boots, gloves … everything has been designed to cope with winter temperatures.

This complete experience begins as soon as you arrive at Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, where Nunayak’s teams will manage transport to the starting point, equipment rental and supervision of the activity.

Frozen River

Samoëns Ice rink

Come slide on the ice of the ice rink of Samoëns

Fun activity par excellence, young and old can share a moment of sliding in the village of Samoëns.


All air activities … or nearly !


Summer and winter, come and fill up on sensations in the air thanks to the paraglider.

Whether you decide to introduce yourself to the practice and techniques through internships or just enjoy a moment of accompanied escape, you will have the chance to discover alpine landscapes as you have never seen them.

Our state-certified pilots will give you a unique experience  in the air, facing Mont-Blanc.

Via ferrata

Between hiking and climbing, the Via Ferrata is an excellent way to gain height over the Giffre valley, the Grand Massif and the village of Samoëns, in complete safety.

Equipped with helmets and harnesses, you will evolve on the mountainside independently or accompanied by our local partners. Find more information on the practice, supervision and rental of equipment here

spéléologie Samoëns
Pêche au lac aux dames

Underground and water activities


An underground exploration of the village of Samoëns and its surroundings

This spring, come and explore the underground passages of the Giffre valley thanks to the caving activity offered by our partners. In Haute-Savoie, discover the 2nd deepest chasm in the world, the famous Jean Bernard chasm but also the caves of Balme, Mégevette and Diosaz.

Open to the whole family, this activity will be full of discoveries and surprises. In the heart of the Alps, choose the formula that suits you: exploration with a guide, a multi-activity week or even a caving school.


What is better than practicing fishing in the middle of the idyllic setting offered by the Giffre valley?

Notice to all fishing enthusiasts, the Giffre valley offers you one of the most beautiful and extensive fishing routes in the mountains. Classified in the first category, you will walk less than 27 km from Giffre from Morillon to Sixt Fer à Cheval and discover the lakes of Gers, Gouilles Rouges, the second lac aux Dames and the communal lakes of Samoëns and Morillon.

Icône de validation par la communauté

Activities on two or four wheels

Fat Bike and e-Fat Bike a practice on the snow but not only !

Explore the alpine landscapes sitting on your Fat Bike and discover sensations that you have never tasted. Between more or less steep ascent and more or less technical descent, you will discover the mountain in a whole different way, whether it is snowy or not!

Autonomous or accompanied, motorized or with the strength of the legs, you will marvel at the beauty of the Alps and Mont-Blanc.

For an unusual stroll, discover the E-Fatscoot 

Get off the beaten track and discover Samoëns and its surroundings thanks to the E-Fatscoot, an all-terrain electric scooter. Fun and easy to use, this means of transport will delight the whole family! Accessible from 1m25, it is accompanied that you will spend a moment in the great outdoors. Around themes, this walk is the ideal and unusual way to discover the marvelous landscapes of the Giffre valley.

Quad – On paths without snow

Off the snowy trails, the quad activity will delight everyone. Whether you are looking for thrills or a calmer moment of exploration, the quad bike ride in the Giffre Valley the quad bike ride in the Giffre valley will satisfy you.

With family or friends, with a simple B permit, you can explore the surroundings of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval and Samoëns for an unforgettable moment guaranteed.



March and April programming in Samoëns

Discover a multitude of activities offered by the village of Samoëns.

In these months of March and April, the whole family will be able to enjoy the many activities in the village of Haute-Savoie.

The program?

Fun activities: geocaching, treasure hunts, orientation walk in Samoëns, discovery of curling, Just Dance challenge, wooden games workshop …

Artistic activities: photo competition, workshop making snow globes, workshop making key rings, workshop making Savoyard photo frames …

Cultural activities : expositions, poterry discovering, Samoëns guiding visit , commented tour in little train…

Trading activities  : Seasonal clearance , Samoëns market , Clos Parchet museum visit , Tasting of natural wines …

The above list of events is non-exhaustive, find the entire Samoëns entertainment schedule for March and April here !


Do not miss the opening of the botanical garden  !

On May 1, you can discover the flora and fauna housed in the botanical garden of Samoëns. This place where plant and animal species meet, will satisfy the curiosity of young and old alike. All the informations here



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