In the heart of the French Alps, the Haut Giffre valley offers spectacular landscapes. Come and discover this unspoilt area with a pair of snowshoes. This winter activity is an ideal way to explore the beautiful surrounding nature. You have the possibility to walk through wild vegetation and get close to the highest peaks. Both fun and athletic, this practice will allow you to experience hiking in a new way and rediscover your sense of adventure.

Here is a selection of 4  itineraries in the Haut Giffre valley that your family will absolutely love!


WHY go snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing is a fun and easy outdoors activity for everyone.

It will delight both the curious ones who wish to escape into unspoilt landscapes, and those who want to take a deep breath of air in the heart of the mountains. Snowshoeing could either be an athlectic activity or simply a way to take a soft and calm walk in the middle of nature. Snowshoes will truly allow you to diversify your experience in the Haut Giffre Valley.


The “Verchaix interpretation trail”, to get back in shape

raquette vallée du haut giffre
  • Departure: Verchaix
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Difference in altitude: 95m
  • Difficulty: Very easy
  • Details of the route.

This very easy route is suitable for everyone.

Starting from Verchaix, it offers a pleasant and instructive walk. The route is marked out by 15 panels which allow you to learn more about subjects such as the fauna, flora, heritage and local architecture.

Two orientation tables will allow you to put a name on all the surrounding peaks and will stimulate your desire to explore.

In another words, a great hike!

The  Fer-à-Cheval Cirque, for an immersion in the Great North

The Fer à Cheval Cirque is a must-see in the region! In winter, the hike on snowshoes is easy.

Starting from the Auberge, you will enter an impressive amphitheatre of limestone cliffs. Some of them are over 700 metres high. Numerous spectacular frozen waterfalls punctuate the trail.

The change of scenery is impressive and you will feel like you are in a Jack London novel. The great calm is sometimes broken by the echoes of collapsing blocks of ice or by snow flows.

A truly amazing experience.

raquette vallée du haut giffre
  • Departure: Parking of the Auberge du Fer à Cheval
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Difference in altitude: 45m
  • Difficulty: Very easy
  • Detail of the route.

Le Bérouze – Mathonex – Vigny, to discover the architecture of the Valley

raquette vallée du haut giffre
  • Departure: Place du Bérouze, in the center of Samoens
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Difference in altitude 110m
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Detail of the route.

This loop starting from the centre of Samoëns allows you to get a bit of height above the village and to appreciate the beautiful views over the valley.

The circuit mixes small paths and roads. You will  discover  the life in the valley and its traditions. Along the way, you will be able to see chapels, oratories, old chalets and the Clos du Parchet eco-museum. A cemetery dating back to the 6th century will also arouse your curiosity.

This immersive walk is a pleasant journey through time.

The “refuge de Bostan”, for a breathtaking view

Starting from the “Hameau des Allamands”, this itinerary offers a slightly greater difference in altitude, while remaining very accessible.

The path climbs on a track regularly groomed by the catering company that supplies the refuge. You will first climb through a magnificent forest before entering a luminous glacial combe.

The route winds through vast snow fields. The sharp peaks offer spectacular views. You can also admire a wonderful panorama of the valley.

This hike will appeal to anyone who loves outdoor activities. 

raquette vallée du haut giffre
  • Departure: Parking of the “plan des Arches” at the “hameau des Allamands”
  • Duration: 2h30 (Longer when there is snow)
  • Difference in altitude: 670m
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Detail of the route.


For more information on these routes and to discover even more itineraries, a topo-guide is available at the Nordic reception and in the Samoëns tourist office.

You will find 16 very different routes to vary your practice and to please the whole family.

Thanks to the Syndicat intercommunal de la vallée du Haut Giffre.


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raquette vallée du haut giffre

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