How to prepare your holiday in the Alps in Samoëns?

8 November 2019

Winter is fast approaching and you have decided to visit our Savoyard village. Here are some tips and tips from the Tourist Office to enjoy and succeed your stay. What accommodation for your holidays? The village of the Alps offers m...

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12 September 2019

Take the time to breathe and enjoy the many activities that we offer in summer in Samoens! Do you shoot or point? Haute-Savoie can also have a Provencal flavor. Thus, many outdoor spaces are dedicated to petanque to enjoy with family or friends. Always in group, you...

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winter practical informations

Discover all the practical information in Samoëns, in Haute-Savoie in the Alps. Market, addresses of restaurants, bars, shops, health and public services, para-hotel services, medical services, transport... ALL PRACTICAL INFORMATIONS Important for our visitors from...

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Cinema programme


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S.A.T bus


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The nature reserve of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval

23 August 2019

The largest nature reserve in Haute-Savoie, the nature reserve of Sixt-Passy extends over a vast territory. Located near Samoëns, it benefits from the presence of two imposing glacial cirques, those of Fer-à-Cheval and Fonts, from which spring impr...

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The chapels

20 August 2019

The nine chapels: religious heritage of Samoëns Discovering the nine chapels in the municipality of Samoëns is an invitation to travel through the centuries-long history of the Alps and the know-how of Septimontan. The majority of th...

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History: Samoëns the city of seven mountains

The historic heart of Samoëns with its old market halls, church and Gros Tilleul refer to an almost millennial history and ancestral heritage. The name "Samoens" dates back to the year 1167. It comes from a medieval expression that qualifies "the s...

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