On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Where to fish in Samoëns ? 🎣
It is possible to fish in the river and in the lakes of the leisure center.

The fishing card gives you access to the small lake of Samoëns and the blue lake of Morillon.

This card is on sale at the tourist office for 15€.

It is valid from May to November.

The fishing permit will allow you to fish in the biggest lake of Samoëns, called NO KILL as well as in the river Giffre.

This permit is on sale at the tourist office and is valid for the day, week or year.

What are the routes to do by bike? 🚲
Whether you ride a road bike, a mountain bike or an electric bike, there are a number of marked trails that can be ridden independently or accompanied.

Click here to find out more about our instructors, rental stores and itineraries.

What are the hiking routes? 🥾
The Giffre valley is rich in hikes accessible to beginners or experienced people. More information by clicking here

Maps and topo-guides on sale at the tourist office or on our online store here.

We would like to draw your attention to the presence of guard dogs, also called patou, on hiking trails.  The patous are more and more often present in the mountain pastures to guard the herds of sheep or goats. More information here.

What to do in case of bad weather? 🌧️
To find our indoor activities click here.
Where to go for a walk with your dog? 🐕
Hiking with your dog is a great activity to share with your dog. Here is an outdoor activity adapted to all and free!

For the journey, bring a bowl and water as well as a lanyard and a harness.

Dogs are forbidden, even on a leash, at the Samoëns leisure center as well as in the largest nature reserve in Haute Savoie: the Sixt-Passy Nature Reserve, so as not to disturb the fauna. But don’t worry, other hikes, climbs, access to the refuge are possible.

As for the patous on your way, stay vigilant, they defend their herd, more information by clicking here.

In order to have a pleasant stay, some accommodations and restaurants accept our four-legged companions.

Cleanliness point: you will find dog waste bags at the following locations:

Avenue Cognacq-Jaÿ, Place des 7 Monts / Square, Place du Criou, Rue des billets,GME, Place du marché, Swimming Pool, Campsite Le Giffre, Veau Gras carpark.

Petsitter : We invite you to visit the following sites in order to find a petsitter at your convenience.

What is there to visit around Samoens? 🎫
To find the visits to do around Samoëns, click here.
Where to eat? 🍴
To find the list of restaurants open at the moment, click here.
How to come to Samoëns by public transport ? 🚍
Public transport runs from Monday to Saturday from the Bus Station (Tourist Office) or the Grand Massif Express in Samoëns, linking Cluses or Annemasse to Samoëns. To know the schedules, please click here.
What to do this fall? 🍁
Discover the Indian summer in Samoëns: find ideas for activities and outings in our blog, by clicking here.
Where to park when you are a camper ? 🏕️

If your question is not listed, please contact us : Office du tourisme de Samoëns
Phone: +33 4 50 34 40 28