The hamlet of Vercland

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Situated on the northern side of the valley, Vercland is one of the many hamlets of Samoëns. A historic landmark of the stonecutters and the birthplace of the first ski lifts, Vercland has experienced a slightly agitated chapter in its history.

In 1882, several inhabitants decided to create the "Provisional Syndicate for Separation". They claimed the independence of Vercland, wanted to cut the links with Samoëns, preferring to approach themselves to Morillon and develop the exchanges with the lower part of the valley. At that time, Vercland had 561 inhabitants and 161 electors. The petitioners emphasized Vercland's geographical location and the existence of a single bridge crossing the Giffre. This was problematic when burying the dead and transporting materials. For the petitioners, the difficult traffic conditions, the distance from the main town, and the insufficient diking works on the Giffre river were damaging the local economy. "We hope to have sufficiently proven that this separation is necessary if we want to avoid the pursuit of this depopulation which is taking intelligent men and strong arms away from agriculture", states the conclusion of the memorandum in support of Vercland's request for separation and its establishment as a commune. So many objections and remarks that the municipal council will eventually reject them all. If the hamlet were to gain its independence, "the inhabitants of Vercland would be forced to build a town hall, a presbytery with its garden, a vast sacristy, a cemetery... Not to mention the recruitment of a teacher, a town hall secretary, a rural warden, a forest ranger, etc. Since this controversy, time has passed by and today, the departmental road goes all the way up to the Plateau des Saix. The school and the cheese factory moved to a second destination, and the onset of winter sports eventually shaped the landscape and people's mentalities. Who would now think of claiming the autonomy of this village, which overlooks the bourg, the Criou, and the vast plains of Vallon? It has been over a century since Vercland came into the limelight. Today there is only Le Béné (a locality situated on the road to the Saix), which a few years ago proclaimed itself a "free commune". A "Béné dit cité", above all a pretext for refreshing and enjoyable snacks.

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