From simple walks on the banks of the Giffre, half a day to meet the locals, their way of life and their tradition, through the discovery of the fauna and flora of the Alps. During these walks, the introduction to the traditional use of plants (edible and minor concerns) is also possible.

An immersion in the natural heritage of the Savoy

Hiking trails and walks from Samoens in the Haute-Savoie lead you to Mount Criou. With a view of the village of Septimontain, once the top has been reached, it offers a breathtaking view of the valley and the village. For a discovery tour of the natural and human heritage of the Alps, choose another route that will allow you to explore the hamlets of Samoens and their chapels. As you walk along these rural paths, you will also pass the oratorios, old chalets or the Clos-Parchet eco museum.

The rural landscapes of the Alps

A real immersion in the life and landscapes of the valley. The walk in the Rutines Alp is an opportunity to get off the beaten track, evolving in a rural setting: you see the cows on their pastures and the mown pastures of the rosière that end up on the Mont Blanc chain.

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