Winter Adventures in Samoëns: Your Ultimate Guide to Snowy Activities

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Welcome to Samoëns, the hidden gem of the French Alps, where winter adventures await at every turn. From thrilling ski slopes to serene snowshoe hikes, discover a world of snowy activities suitable for all ages and skill levels. Whether you seek adrenaline rushes or moments of tranquility, Samoëns offers an unforgettable winter experience. Dive into our guide and get ready to explore the winter wonders of Samoëns.

Discover below some of the many activities offered in Samoëns this season!


Ski touring

Ice waterfalls

Ice rink


Cross-country skiing

Fat bike

Sledge - Sledge pony

In case of bad weather

Frozen river

Frozen River

Snowshoe activities


"Vallée-blanche" off-piste skiing

Snowmobiles at night