Hiking from Samoens in Haute-Savoie

Taking a walk in Haute-Savoie from Samoëns is: enjoying an exceptional panorama of the Alps and Mont Blanc, discovering the facets of the Haut-Giffre valley, climbing to the top of the Criou mountain and enjoying a breathtaking view on the Savoyard village…

The advantage of the mountain in Samoens ? It is not necessary to be a great athlete to take “full eyes”. Indeed, the beautiful “Savoyard ” landscapes revealed to you, are close and accessible for easy walks. But that adventurers and other regulars of the mountain hike are reassured: they will also find challenges of their length !

Mont-Blanc offers itself to you!

Do you want to discover the GR5 – Alps? Samoëns is the leg of the hiking trail in 40 stages. We offer to you two ideas of route stays, praised by GTA, Grande Traversée des Alpes: hiking and canyon in Haute-Savoie. The Mont-Blanc and all the richness and biodiversity of the Alps are here for you ! The round of the Haut-Giffre on foot is realized by small steps. This course, decorated with mountain huts, lets you discover all facets of this jewel of the Alps: the valley, the forest, the mountain pastures, the mountain paths, the lakes …

Hiking in the Alps with your family

Another idea for a route: the hike from the Lacs aux Dames to the Lac Bleu. This walk is ideal for families. It takes you along the banks of the Giffre between Samoens and Morillon in a wide forest path. Finally enjoy the exceptional panoramas of the Alpine massif, thanks to the opening of the ski lifts in the summer at Samoens 1600. A ride that also offers you a wonderful view of Mont Blanc, since the Tête-des-Saix.

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