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Strolls from the lacs aux dames to the lac bleu at Morillon

This is a typical family walk, along the banks of the River Giffre between Samoëns and Morillon in a wide forest road

The Samoëns leisure centre is organised around two lakes linked by a small waterfall. The tour of these lakes is in itself a short but very pleasant walk, with the Haut Giffre mountains in the background and more particularly the Criou.

The route to the Lac Bleu de Morillon takes the wooden bridge, located near the refreshment bar, between the two lakes. Shortly after the bridge turn right, then left, to enter a mixed forest: spruce and beech.
A wide path leads you to the R'Biolle footbridge which, with a single span of 17 metres, spans the Giffre.
At the end of the footbridge the path turns right and takes you through the woods of L'Etelley and then along the Giffre to the Lac Bleu de Morillon.

In July and August, the beach of the lake welcomes bathers (supervised swimming) and pleasant lawns invite you to relax.

Allow 1 1/2 hours for the return walk.
Flat ground.
Type of terrain: wide forest track.
Recommendation: no dogs allowed in the leisure complexes in Samoëns and Morillon.
Departure from the Lac aux Dames in Samoëns.
Difficulties: none
Map reference: Route 3 in the Vallée du Haut Giffre ramblers' guide ("topoguide").
Itinerary for guidance only.

Bons plans

In July and August, the Lac Bleu beach is ideal for swimming (lifesaver in attendance).

Minimum age
5 years

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