Are you going skiing this winter? Better, you go skiing in Samoens and in the Grand Massif in Haute-Savoie? Here are some tips to prepare you to hit the slopes despite you are not sporting at heart. The best is to begin this preparation a month before leaving to ski and to continue those exercises once arrived at the station.

Ski sur le Grand Massif

Don’t wait for the first day at the edge of the alpine slopes to prepare yourself

We all tend to procrastinate, especially in winter when the weather is even less conducive to sports activities for non-amateurs. The month of December is marked by many celebrations such as the end-of-year corporate meals or family reunions. If you are brave try two 45-minute weekly outings to run outdoors. To put the odds on your side, opt for muscle building exercises during your jog. Twenty strides on the spot, 20 heels-buttocks, 20 squats … This last exercise consists, standing, to maintain the feet apart not exceeding the width of the shoulders. Then flex your knees while keeping your lap belt wrapped. Your knees should not exceed the feet as the movement follows the axis of the body with a straight back. Once you have completed these exercises, resume your running.

I don’t want go train outside

You live in the city or the weather is rainy … No excuses: you always have the opportunity to practice at home to prepare your stay in the Alps. For muscle building many exercises are possible at home. Ideally, run three to four times a week in a cladding session: the chair position with your back against a wall will strengthen the knee joint by toning the quads. Hold it for a minute with three repetitions. For squats perform three sets of fifteen repetitions. Finally, cardio is a must, if outdoor training is not your cup of tea, opt for a gym, or failing that for a bike. Finally, swimming is another solution or complementary solution: a few pit lengths twice a week will work your muscles.

And once on the ski slopes of Samoëns and Grand Massif?

You’re finally there, ready to fight with the powder. Always take a few minutes. Start by making circles with your arms, ten circles in each direction. Repeat this exercise with your elbows and wrists. For the legs, swing them back and forth, and from right to left, in each case doing 10 repetitions. Standing, place your hands on the hips and make circles with your hips to warm the central part of your body. For those who want to go even further, it is also possible to perform some squats to heat your thighs. You are ready to reach the summits and go back without aches!