This winter Samoëns welcomes you to the heart of the Alps for an unforgettable stay. Between paragliding, caving, ice climbing, Fat Bike and E-Fat Bike or ski touring, young and old will find plenty of fun in our mountains. The village of Samoëns has put together a tailor-made programme for you to fill up on adrenaline and discoveries of all kinds.

Alpine skiing in Samoëns

Alpine skiing for beginners in Samoëns is possible!

Beginners will have the chance to try downhill skiing on some of the slopes at Samoëns 1600. Thanks to the conveyor belt, open every day from 9am to 4pm except Saturday. You will be able to go back up to the top of the initiation slope and go for a ride! Closed on Friday 5th March.

This winter, take the opportunity to learn to ski

In Samoëns this winter, all beginners in downhill skiing are welcome. Our mountain and ski professionals will help you discover the joys of skiing in the heart of the Samoëns 1600 resorts. For your children, the Piou-Piou Club and its ESF instructors will help them discover the joys of skiing while having fun. Children who have mastered the snowplough will quickly leave the Piou-Piou Club to go to the beginners’ sector. Sessions lasting 2 to 2.5 hours do not necessarily mean 2 to 2.5 hours of skiing. Indeed, depending on age, degree of tiredness or weather conditions, games or even rest may be preferred to skiing.

For adults, our ESF instructors offer private lessons in Samoëns 1600 so that you too can learn to ski in complete safety.

bataille de boule de neige Grand Massif @Tristan Shu GMDS

Discover the Piou-piou club for beginners. Private lessons for beginners (piou-piou, children and adults) of 1h30.
For adults, private lessons.
Group lessons :  For 3-4 year olds, 4 days from Monday to Thursday from 9.30am to 11am limited to 6 students.  For 5-10 year olds, beginners and maximum whistle level, 3 days from Monday to Wednesday from 9.30am to 11am limited to 6 students.
Equipment rental: find all the ski equipment rental companies here.

Discover ski touring in Samoëns 

Equipment rental : find ski touring rentals in Samoëns, here.

Experience ski touring with a guide.

Loan of the safety pack (bag, DVA, shovel, probe)

ESF: 1/2 commitment 3h30 – Commitment 7h – Private lesson 2h for DVA, shovel, probe initiation.

Useful numbers: Emergency 112 / Weather 08 99 71 02 74 (2,99 € / call + call price) / Snow bulletin of the day.

Ski de randonnée à Bostan
Ski touring in total freedom

Discover the wide open spaces of Samoëns and its surroundings. On your own or with a guide, get off the beaten track to discover the natural riches in the heart of the snowy mountains. After the effort … the reward! Enjoy the beautiful descents, trace your route and savour the moment.

Where to ski tour in Samoëns?

To make your ski touring experience as enjoyable as possible, we recommend a few routes:

  • From Vercland to Samoëns 1600 by the Grand Crêt piste (800 meters difference in altitude).
  • From Samoëns 1600 to the Tête des Saix (520 meters difference in altitude) either by Vérosse and Dahu via the lac des Gouilles rouges, or for the more sporty by the marmot trail.
  • In the Bostan/Golèse sector, it is possible to climb up to the refuge (700 metres difference in altitude). For the initiated and the more athletic, it is possible to push the climb above the refuges.
  • In Morillon by the Marvel piste. The other slopes are forbidden by municipal decree.
  • À Sixt Fer à Cheval : découvrez l’itinéraire des “Chalets des Coppons”
  • In Le Carroz: discover the 3 itineraries here.
  • In Flaine: discover the “Au fil de l’Aulp”
  • Other more difficult and risky itineraries are possible, such as the dent de Verreu, the pointe de Sans Bet, etc. We strongly advise you to do these routes accompanied by a professional.

Please noteKeep yourself informed of the latest news in the ski area: grooming machines can be used at any time, and PIDAs (avalanche control plans) can be triggered (in which case, hiking is prohibited in the ski area) – Follow the Grand Massif on Facebook for information.

Ice climbing, a sensational discovery


Experience ice climbing

The activity is open depending on the condition of the ice.

Beginners to experts. Crampons and ice axes are available. Hire of suitable footwear required.

Ice climbing is not only for experienced adventurers

Equipped with crampons, ice axes and a good dose of courage, you will follow our guide in the ascent of an ice fall. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mountaineer, come and discover this unique practice of ice climbing with our experienced and passionate guides. An activity which is an excellent approach to winter mountaineering while remaining accessible, as long as you don’t tackle the stalactites, cigars and other even more vertical ice jellyfish straight away…

A sensational activity

With the frost, the waterfalls become ephemeral paths of ice. By climbing them, we accept the subtle game of taming these apparently fragile structures. Ruse, economize and anticipate the route to follow are the rules of this discipline… But beyond the technical aspect, which is quickly mastered, ice climbing is above all an extraordinary winter day, suspended out of time, in the heart of an unreal world. Thrills guaranteed!


Discover paragliding in winter!

Paragliding in winter to get the most out of it!

Looking for thrills? Looking for the great outdoors? Between training courses and first flights, find the paragliding offer that suits you and take the plunge! A unique experience to live with your head in the clouds, facing the Mont-Blanc. Those who suffer from vertigo can be reassured, as they no longer have a link with the ground, vertigo no longer exists. The take-off from a very gradual grassy slope will bring you gently into the air. In paragliding, there is no sensation of vertical fall, you fly like a bird!

Fly safely

Our mountain and tandem paragliding professionals will accompany you on your flight. These state-licensed instructors will share their passion and experience with you during quality flights in complete safety. Discover Samoëns, its surroundings and its landscapes in an original way by living an extraordinary experience. Sit comfortably in your seat, let yourself be guided in the air and live an unforgettable moment.

Extreme sports. Action shot of a speed flyer zooming past, high above a mountain peak towards the sun.

Equipment: downhill skiing, ski clothes to keep warm.

Duration: approximately one to two hours depending on the flight, this includes the shuttle ride, preparation of the canopy, and the flight.

State-qualified pilots. No experience is necessary, your pilot will take care of everything while you enjoy the joys of free flight and magnificent panoramas.

 Discover caving in Samoëns


Equipment provided: wetsuit, harness, helmet with light.

Equipment to bring: Backpack, old tracksuit, old jacket, jumper, hiking boots or closed shoes with laces, water bottle, snack depending on the duration of the activity, gloves (for vertical caving)

Price: from 40€ onwards

From 8 years old

spéléologie Samoëns
An underground exploration of the village of Samoëns and its surroundings

Come and explore the 2nd deepest chasm in the world, the famous Jean Bernard chasm and the Samoens underground passages. In the heart of the Alps, this activity is open to the most experienced as well as to beginners, children and adults. Exploration with a guide, multi-activity week or caving school, you are bound to find the formula that suits you.

An adventure for young and old

Explore the underground world to discover unique geology and exceptional light. Caving is a sensational adventure: you’ll enjoy climbing, slides, discovering galleries, abseiling and exploring the many ornate rooms.

Discover the caves of Samoëns and its surroundings

With our guides from the ZigZag Ski School – ESI Samoëns

  • Caves of Balme
    Count on 3 hours of activity: 10 minutes of approach walking and 2h30 underground.
    Introductory caving trip for everyone from 5 years old (accompanied by an adult) or 8 years old alone.
  • Caves of Mégevette
    Count on 3 hours of activity: 25mn of approach walk and 2h30 underground.
    This cave has slides, galleries, handrails and climbing.

With the bureau des guides de la Vallée du Giffre :

  • Grotte de la Diosaz, day trip for the experienced.

With Nunayak – Alpes Rafting

  • Caves of Balme
  • Diau underground river (Thorens Glière)
  • Cave of Megevette
  • Vertical caving in a large Alpine chasm at -100m


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