Le col et le refuge de la Golèse

74340 Samoëns


From 15/06 to 20/09.


Itinerary for guidance only.


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Bostan mountain refuge

Above Samoëns and isolated in the mountains, the Bostan refuge is the ideal place to welcome hikers for a short break or for the night. Accommodation and catering in the mountains. Home and local products. Pleasure for the eyes and taste bu...

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Golèse mountain refuge

The mountain hut is situated at the Col de la Golèse in the middle of an alpine meadow. It offers a wonderful panorama on the south side overlooking the Giffre valley and Samoëns and on Morzine and Manche valley on the north side.

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Tour of the Dents Blanches

Managed by the International Association for Tour of the Dents Blanches (AITDB), this Franco-Swiss tour takes you on a route that is hospitable at times, e.g. on the way through the pastures in Barme (Switzerland), or wild as it is in the O...

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Les Allamands

A very easy trek to see the village of Les Allamands.

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Restaurant at the Golèse refuge

Located on the Col de la Golèse in the heart of the mountain pastures, the refuge offers an exceptional panorama of the Giffre (Samoëns) valley on the south side and the Manche (Morzine) on the north side.

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From the Col de Joux Plane this route follows the ridge leading from the Pointe de Chamossiere to the summit of the Pointe d'Angolon. This is a little frequented but very interesting hike that opens onto a beautiful panorama.

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