Samoëns hosts the World Ice Swimming Championship

Reserved for those who are not scared, the world championship of swimming in icy water, a discipline also called Ice Swimming, will take place this winter in Samoëns in Haute-Savoie. Dates, events… find out a little more about this unusual event!


Discover an unusual discipline

Practised mainly in lakes or in the sea, swimming in icy water is a discipline in full development in France and in the world and national and international competitions have multiplied since the year 2000. The principle is simple: swim in water that does not exceed 5 degrees, with one small detail that may be important… The neoprene suit is forbidden! You might as well say that the exercise would be difficult for the most frigid among us.
Although precautions must obviously be taken before jumping into the water, swimming in ice water has many positive effects on the human body. Endorphin release, increased body temperature, increased blood flow… contrary to what you might think, cold water is good for your health!


The World Ice Swimming Championship

This winter, the world championship in ice water organised by the IISA, International Ice Swimming Association created in 2009, will take place in Samoëns, in the heart of the Haute-Savoie mountains. The famous Lac aux Dames will host a 25-metre pool with water at less than 5 degrees. Over four days of competition, the 400 athletes from more than 33 countries will compete over various distances ranging from 50 to 1000 metres in all disciplines (freestyle, butterfly, etc.).


What if I don’t intend to swim?

The World Ice Swimming Championship is only open to IISA registered athletes who have qualified for the competition. But this discipline is always impressive to discover and spectators are welcome! The Lac aux Dames leisure centre covers an area of ten hectares and a visit there is also an opportunity to take a walk and admire the snow-covered landscape or to play safely in the snow with your children.

The World Ice Swimming Championship in brief:

  • 4 days of competition
  • Free access
  • Animations for young and old
  • Drinks and food on site
Nage en eau glacée

Foire aux questions

When will the next World Ice Swimming Championship take place?
The next edition will take place from 11 to 15 January 2023.
Is access free?
Yes, access is completely free.
How to get there?
If you wish to come by car, the Lac aux Dames leisure centre has a large car park which is completely free of charge. Lac aux Dames is only 15 minutes away from the village centre on foot.
What is the event not to be missed?
The 1,000 metres is the premier event of the World Ice Swimming Championships!


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