Samoëns, good living in essence

A country where time takes its time

Here, the good life is a tradition. That of a village in Haute-Savoie with a unique architecture and heritage shaped by the delicate art of the Frahans, the stonemasons who made Samoëns’ reputation. Its cobbled pedestrian streets with a number of stalls invite a stroll and a relaxing break over a delicious septimontaine cake, with its unforgettable softness, or a rare wine unearthed by local wine merchants.

On the slopes, Samoëns, Grand Massif resort, France’s 4th largest ski area, offers its own gourmet recipe: 265 km of skiing, 143 slopes, 1 wild combe to the delight of freeriders, a blue run, the Cascades slope, which unfolds its 14 km of snow cover without a single lift, next to the Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval nature reserve… From committed adrenaline to the simple pleasure of skiing, all types of skiing flourish in Samoëns.

Le domaine skiable de Samoêns en Haute-Savoie
bataille de boule de neige Grand Massif @Tristan Shu GMDS

For almost a decade, Samoëns has been cultivating its “bien-vivre” assets by strengthening the tourist offer in this area. Come and try the Afghan walk, the sensory walk, the yoga walk, the massages, enjoy a good meal in a restaurant, stroll through the streets, take advantage of the landscapes that surround you…