If Samoëns is a renowned resort for handi-gliding, it is a little (a lot) thanks to him. Discover the portrait of Michel Veisy from Septimont.

The bronze medallist of Youth and Sports has been known for years for his numerous voluntary actions with people with reduced mobility. This is so that they can overcome their disability and enjoy mountain sports in the best conditions. “From skiing to hiking, he has managed to unite a real human chain around him in the service of this cause,” read an article in the Dauphiné Libéré devoted to him in 2012. The co-founder of the guides’ office and creator of “Samoëns Handi-Glisse” in 2006, Michel Veisy continues to organise descents with disabled people with the other instructors of the association in Samoëns.

Michel Veisy
Samoens HandiGlisse

Excursions to Nepal to overcome disability

I have been shooting for 30 years in Nepal with able-bodied people. Why not with disabled people?” he told Alpes Loisir in 2018. This is what he did in 2013 with the organization of a trek with disabled people in Annapurna, including a passage at an altitude of 5400 meters. “The five people were equipped with FTTs, all-terrain wheelchairs. We also had porters to assist the participants to reach the summit. For the 2,000-metre descent to the base camp, they were totally autonomous and had a great time“, Michel Veisy testified during the program Midi en France. In 2019, he is organising a Himalayan trek with the Handi-Glisse association. Among the participants, four women with motor disabilities. A fine example of devotion to the cause of disability to be supported without restraint.

Focus on Handi-Glisse

The aim of the association is to acquire handisport equipment and to make it available free of charge to people with disabilities. The aim is to make many mountain sports accessible to them.

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