wine cellar - Le Nez en l'air

Le pied de la ville, 4 route de la Piaz
74340 Samoëns

Martin, a wine consultant, invites you to discover his selection of wines from France and other countries, his champagnes and his spirits. Meetings – tastings – experimental and sensory workshops. Le nez en l’air also offers a home wine waiter service.

Le Nez en l'air is a place where wine-lovers and future wine-lovers can come and discuss, discover, try a few bottles and select from the delicious labyrinth of grape varieties and soils.
Wine for friends, for the aperitif or the prestigious vintages, from under 5€ to....
..if I may make so bold.......there is something here for everyone.
Champagne lovers are not left out, nor lovers of whisky and other spirits.
A few books, many accessories, enormous amounts of passion, enough to satisfy everyone.
Do you have an event to prepare for? Let's discuss it and find the best selection to please your guests.
Combining the right wine with the right dish is always a minefield. Beforehand, why not come into the shop, send an email or simply telephone and I will be only too happy to advise. Which wine with which dish, at what temperature, should it be decanted ???? All these questions have their answers, sometimes obvious, sometimes less so. But we mustn't forget that wine is living and can often hold a beautiful surprise.

See you very soon.

Bons plans

A passionate wine enthusiast ? Most certainly. But also with an alternative tendency..... My wines are rigorously selected first and foremost for their ability to stimulate the palate, but also for ethical reasons.Our wine-growing partners are passionate about their soil and look for the best that the earth and climate can give. The use of chemicals is almost completely banned and the presence of sulphur is at homeopathic levels.
Coming soon : the Nez en l'Air personalised loyalty card.

The wine is living, so if a bottle turns out to have a problem, please bring it back asap. !!
*See conditions in shop.