From a simple walk to mountain climbing, expeditions to climbing, ice climbing to via Ferrata, walking to the attack: discover, explore and live the mountain safely … What could be better than enjoying the experience of guided walks around the mountain in peace to discover?
Classic circuit enthusiasts can choose to go for a walk: from exploring the Fer à Cheval nature reserve to the high-altitude lakes … Everyone will find something for everyone. Yoga and mountain lovers have a tailor-made offer with the wellness walk. Another approach to well-being: Afghan walking in the mountains. You synchronize your breathing with the pace of your steps, all in a refreshing mind. Relaxing and quasi-meditative experiences.

Heaven vault and torchlight procession

Another experience, that of the alpine flora: some are organized to let you discover an edible fauna. Another course reveals a mountain full of wild and natural food. And to go even further in the discovery, why not ask for the moon? With astronomical evenings, during a hike in the Alps, your companions will let you discover the sky under a summer sky. Once finished, you will return with torches: more than a walk: a real journey!

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