The chapel in Les Allamands

74340 Samoëns


All year round, daily.

This is the most recent of the nine chapels in the hamlets of Samoëns. The Allamand Chapel was built by the residents of the hamlet with the same name in the 19th century.

It all started with the initiative of one of the inhabitants of the Allamands, Reverend Duboin, who became parish priest of Cluses. Thanks to him, the construction of the building by the inhabitants of the village took place between 1829 and 1834. The chapel is dedicated to Our Lady of Graces and the Saint Shroud. Situated on the Chablais and Valais roads, the chapel was the target of invasions from these regions, particularly in the 16th century. The Allamands road leads to the Golèse col and the Morzine valley, and further on through the Col de Coux to the Swiss Valais. This explains why this village was inhabited all year round and was densely populated until the inter-war periods.

Discovering the Allamands Chapel also means seeing its magnificent oratory built-in 1946. It is located about fifty meters from the chapel. Not far from the monument, the Notre-Dame de la Salette oratory, housing a virgin, was built by Abbot Charpin and his parishioners of Ambilly. The abbot used to hold a summer camp. With its chapel, its oratory, its basin, and its typical farms, the Allamands hamlet still reflects the ancient lifestyle. The visit of the Allamands Chapel is included in some tours such as the visit of one of the other eight chapels in Samoëns. The trail, signposted with yellow signposts, put together by the Syndicat Intercommunal de la Vallée du Haut-Giffre and the General Council, gives a good idea of Haute-Savoie's heritage.

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