The 30 waterfalls of the Cirque du Fer à Cheval

74740 Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval


All year round.

Subject to snow conditions.


Free entry but parking fee is compulsory.

A unique area with impressive rock faces, cliffs 2000 metres high, and hiking trails past numerous waterfalls.

Some waterfalls at Fond de la Combe and Nants des Peres at Fer a Cheval are fed by glaciers.
If you begin at the bar/restaurant at Plan des Lacs and look towards the Pic de Tenneverge, you'll see two notable waterfalls below the Corne du Chamois: la Meridienne , and to the right of that, la Pierrette. This is also called la Fontaine de l'Or and is one of the highest. Further to the right, on the cliffs of Le Fer a Cheval, are other waterfalls, for example the Joaton, Pissevache, the Lyre (one of the most beautiful), and the Genette. Even further to the right are le Saint-Jacques, la Citerne, le Folly, and la Massue waterfalls.
Going in to the Fond de la Combe valley, to the left of the Corne du Chamois, there are many other waterfalls such as le Rejon, la Cage, la Scie, le Violon, and la Gouille.
Leaving Fer a Cheval and following the Giffre downstream youi'll find the village of Le Brairet between Le Molliet and Les Curtets. Above this is Le Dard waterfall.

Bons plans

In June, you can count on seeing thirty or more waterfalls cascading down from the cliffs.


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