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Take off from the Saix Plateau in winter

Paragliding take-off zone.

Samoens 1600
Altitude: 1,632 m
Altitude difference: 900 m
Direction: North to North-West
Access: from Samoens, take the road to the Samoens 1600 ski resort.
D 254 road
In the resort, park behind the flats; the take-off zone is a mere 3-minute walk away.
Skiers must buy their pass and take the Grand Massif Express ski lift. Once on the plateau, take the TGD (free) and walk to the take-off zone between the pistes.
It is strictly forbidden to take off from the pistes.
Landing: landing zone by the swimming pool.

Complément de réservation

Contact: Pégase Air Samoëns next to the swimming pool. Tel: +33 (0)607149424 or +33 (0)40379580

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