Gers Lake

74340 Samoëns

The Combe de Gers, in spring, summer, autumn and winter, it's quite a poem, an ode to beauty, an invitation to reverie on the shores of its lake perched at an altitude of 1,540 meters in the heights. from Samoëns.

If it is in the snow that the footprints of the chamois can be read, it is in the foundations of the alpine chalets and the Gîte de Gers that the history of the men who built the coomb can be deciphered. In particular, Marcel and Jean-Maurice Cottet have largely contributed to make it a haven of peace in all seasons, a white paradise in winter, accessible to all, on foot, on skis, on cross-country skis, on snow scooters or by helicopter. All nature lovers like to meet there to share moments of pleasure, for example around a hot chocolate served on the terrace of the unique gîte-restaurant. Wild, picturesque and authentic, the Combe de Gers has remained so. Only a few private chalets, the mountain farm and the gîte-restaurant blend harmoniously into this mountain and lake setting in the heart of a nature reserve. To get there, there are various options for snow sports enthusiasts: from dawn, as the mountain turns white, free riders and free stylers take to the "fresh" powder and ski pros descend from the black piste of Les Grandes Platières and, a little later in the morning, fans of ski touring or leisure snowshoeing venture at their own pace along the long piste of Les Cascades which links Flaine to Sixt. From December, at dawn, when the Combe de Gers will be whitewashed, you will come, nature will be waiting for you, more authentic than ever. From April, at dawn, when the Combe de Gers turns green, you will come, nature will be waiting for you, more authentic than ever...

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