Climb to Bostan

, Bostan
74340 Samoëns


From 11/06 to 11/09.


Free of charge.


This hike takes you through mountain pastures to the Bostan hut.

Starting altitude: 1,096 m
Finishing altitude: 1,769 m
Particular difficulties: none
Itinerary for guidance only.


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Bostan mountain refuge

Above Samoëns and isolated in the mountains, the Bostan refuge is the ideal place to welcome hikers for a short break or for the night. Accommodation and catering in the mountains. Home and local products. Pleasure for the eyes and taste bu...

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Bostan Refuge

Above Samoëns, this mountain chalet is situated under the "dents blanches", the highest point of the area. Its terrace is ideally oriented to the east for a view of the Giffre valley and allows you to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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Tête de Bostan

2,295 metres is the altitude of Bostan's head. The hike from the eponymous hut requires a good two hours of easy climbing.

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