Altitude rafting

Minimum age
6 years
Chef Lieu - Mairie
Mairie Chef-Lieu, (derrière la mairie)
74740 Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval

Looking for some sporting action or just a way to unwind? A group excursion or a romantic adventure? Under a perfect blue sky or when rainclouds cover Haute-Savoie? With children or adults? Hesitate no longer, this is the outing for you!

Come to the Giffre river for a real change of scene in the heart of the lush green countryside of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval!
Rafting is an activity suitable for all levels...
Our guides will accompany your discovery trip and ensure it meets your needs!

Descent from Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval to Samoëns.
Enjoy a delightful 7 km descent:
• Paddling in unison as you follow the advice of your guide
• Hurtling down the famous rapids that lead to the Gorges de Tines and many more fabulous spots!
• Jumping off the rocks
• Floating with the current when you bathe in the river

A sporting challenge and plenty of fun!

Not to be missed!
Raft categories
Different types of raft depending on your preferences:
Standard raft (from age 7 upwards): maximum 8 people per raft, guide present aboard the raft; from gentle descents to thrilling rides for adrenalin-seekers (just let the guide know what you want!)
Mini-raft (from age 12 upwards): maximum 4 people, with a guide either on board with you or close by in a separate raft; recommended for motivated sports enthusiasts with some whitewater experience.
Cano-raft (from age 10 upwards): maximum 2 people per raft; after a pre-departure briefing, the guide stays close by on a separate raft to give you advice on your direction and technique!
Airboat (from age 14 upwards): alone in your boat, accompanied by the guide in a separate vessel; why not try this solo descent of the river (physically challenging)

A family structure capable of adapting more easily to your needs and desires!

Good-quality equipment:
• Wetsuit (sizes to fit all)
• Wetsuit jacket
• Wetsuit socks
• Helmet
• Life jacket

Under the supervision of professionals with a passion for whitewater activities!

Complément d'informations

Reception desk located near the start of the descent: behind the town hall (the little chalet on the other side of the bridge).
Shuttle bus from Samoëns available on request.

For this activity you'll need:
• To know how to swim
• Swimwear
• Sports shoes/trainers

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