Feet in the snow, a smile on your face and your head in the clouds, this is what the village of Samoëns and its resorts offer to the youngest among us. Between sports and fun activities, children will be able to play, have fun and discover the joys of the mountains and its wide open spaces. During their stay in the heart of the Alps, between skating rink, sledging, pony and even paragliding, the children will be able to occupy themselves like the grown-ups!

Sledge down the slopes of Samoëns!

Discovering the thrill of sliding

Tobogganing is the key activity for your children this winter. Between the discovery of the sensations of sliding and the search for an adrenalin rush, the little ones will have fun during a descent with a view of the most beautiful mountains in the Alps. Let them slide down the slopes of the Samoëns domain, on the fresh snow and live this magic moment with them.

So are you ready? Go for it!

Whether you choose the Col de Joux Plane, Samoëns 1600 or the village slopes, you can guarantee your children a moment of pure fun, in complete safety! These snowy areas, specially designed to be ridden on a sledge, will delight children (and adults). A great moment of sharing and pleasure, shared with the whole family.

Happy family having fun together on the snowy mountain, on a sled.
au dessus du hameau les Chosalets avec la Pointe du Tuet et le Criou en arrière plan

The slopes: two at Col de Joux plane, one in Samoëns 1600 and one in the village

Rental : sports shop

The ice rink is child’s play!


Locations: the ice rink and the ice garden

Equipment hire: on site (4.40€)

Child rate: €3.80

A skate to the left, a skate to the right …

Let your children discover or rediscover ice skating. In the centre of the village, Samoëns welcomes children to its two ice rinks where beginners and future skating stars come to have fun and spend a good time with friends or family. A pair of skates, a bit of balance and a lot of courage, this is the secret recipe for an unforgettable moment in the heart of the village.

Ice skating in peace

Every morning during the February holidays, one third of the rink’s surface is reserved for the youngest among us. Fun and educational equipment (chairs, walkers, cones, penguins) is made available free of charge, allowing even novice children to move around and have fun on the ice. So what are you waiting for?


Let your children discover … paragliding!

The expression “doing what the big boys do” has never been more true!

Yes, you are not dreaming, we are talking about a real paragliding flight, in the air, with a sail, accompanied by an experienced instructor. Another activity proposed by Samoëns which is open to the youngest and the oldest. In tandem, your child will be able to realise the dream that each of us secretly keeps in our hearts… to fly! Imagine your child in a dream setting, in the middle of the most beautiful mountains of the Alps, facing the Mont-Blanc … an unforgettable moment, out of time.

We know some parents who will be jealous of their children…

At this point we don’t know who has more stars in their eyes, you or your child. And while the mountains and the fresh air are calling you, we prefer to warn you… 100% of the children who make their first paragliding flight in Samoëns, ask their parents within minutes of the flight, to return! The 15 minutes spent with their head in the clouds are enough to make them not want to come back down to earth. You have been warned!

Bi Grands Vans-sitra

Give your children the experience of paragliding for children.

The pony, in all its states

Activité l'hiver à Samoëns : Poney luge

Experience the pony sledge, from 1 year old: 20-30min, 15€ per child

Initiate yourself to Joëring skiing, from 8 years old : 50min with 10min of “putting on the ski” and 40min of walking, 38€/pers

Discover the sleigh or horse-drawn carriage rides, for all ages: approximately 30 minutes, 25€/pers

Enjoy the pony rides, from 8 years old: about 1 hour, 30€/pers

Do you know the “Pony Luge”?

This combination of sled and pony will delight the little ones. Sitting on their sled pulled by a pony, children will be able to experience the first sensations of sliding in a playful way. In the heart of an idyllic setting, in the middle of the Alps, your children will have a magical and enjoyable time.

“Joëring skiing? Never heard of it”.

Let your children discover the Giffre valley in an unforgettable way. Standing on skis pulled by a pony, this unusual activity is offered by Equita’Passion, our partner specialising in equestrian activities. A good alternative to downhill skiing which allows you to combine skiing and horses. The pace of the ride is adapted to the level and desire of the youngest, from 8 years old.

Pony, carriage or sleigh rides

A little bit of softness, magic and wide open spaces …. is what we like about the horse-drawn carriage and sleigh rides offered by Equita’Passion, for children and their families. With a view of Mont Blanc, sitting comfortably and warmly under a blanket, the whole family will have an unforgettable time in the heart of the Alps.

Does your child have the soul of a cowboy? Let them discover the joys of horseback riding in the snow. On the back of a pony, set off as a family to discover the magnificent landscapes of Samoëns and its surroundings.

Ski joering

Introduce your children to yoga!

The “yoga game” for children

After having had a lot of fun with nature activities and having had a lot of emotions, your children also need a moment to themselves. The yoga game proposed by … allows them, thanks to playful yoga techniques and body expression, to develop their potential in full consciousness.

Balancing energies through the yoga game

The game of yoga allows your child to channel and balance their energy and develop their creativity. The sessions are adapted to the needs of the child and are presented in the form of individual 60 minute sessions. A good moment of relaxation that will allow children and parents to spend some time alone, each in their own way.

Group of children doing gymnastic yoga exercises at the winter resort with a beautiful view from the window. Two kids brother and sister doing lotus pose and smiling together

Location: at your rental place in Samoens.

Discover the “Yoga for Kids” experience

For children from 4 years old. Individuals or small groups from the same family.


Snowshoeing outings with the family

Capture d’écran 2019-12-05 à 14.06.38

Itineraries: two marked Nordic sites at Joux Plane and in the Haut-Giffre valley

Equipment hire: a wide range of providers for your snowshoe hire in Samoens

Experience snowshoeing, accompanied by a guide

From 4 years old, price from 17€.

Discovering the great outdoors with your feet in the snow

And yes, even children have the right to a snowshoe outing thanks to the “educational snowshoe hike”. On the programme: discovery of nature (animal tracks, botany…), a bit of education (study of snow, geology…), safety with avalanche prevention and a touch of fun for an unforgettable walk!

A hike like no other

You’ve already heard them: “When are we coming?”, “My feet hurt”, “I’m tired of walking”, right? Then put on the snowshoes for the whole family and set off to discover the Alps and its treasures. For sure, these phrases, all too familiar to parents, will not be part of the walk! Captivated by the landscapes, the fauna, the flora and the snow as far as the eye can see, your children will only have one word to say: “WOW!

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Come and visit our farms, with your family

Discovering local producers, as a family

Let your children discover the joys of the farm, from meeting the animals and producers to tasting the products made on the spot. Instructive and fun visits that will appeal to young and old alike!

Samoëns is proud of its farms and producers

In Samoëns, we are very proud of our producers who produce typical mountain cheeses every day. The know-how and passion of these professionals are part of the richness of our region. During your stay, let your children discover these treasures.

Come and meet our producers and their animals!

FARM OF CIMES – Production of cow’s and goat’s milk cheeses.
Open every day, all year round
1431, Route du Col de Joux Plane – La combe Emeru – Tel : +336 70 19 33 97 / +336 24 33 09 75

GAEC LE CRIOU FARM– Family-run farm, production and sale of farmhouse fresh cheeses made from the milk of our cows.
Open every day. Closed on Sunday.
95 chemin du Bré – chez Renand – Tel : +336 08 47 92 38

CROËS CANAILLES FARM – HERENS cow breeder – Producer – Cheesemaker – Refiner.
Open every day from 7am to 10am and from 5.30pm to 8pm. Open every day except Mondays from 3pm to 6pm and Fridays in the afternoon.
976, Route de la Turche de Vercland – Tel : +336 62 48 81 67 – +336 60 51 56 01

Vaches à la ferme du GAEC le Criou

Visits to the farms in and around Samoëns are a must.

For further information, please contact the Samoëns Tourist Office: infos@www.samoens.com 

Ferme des Cimes


Contact us

Samoëns Tourist Office

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Tel : +33 4 50 34 40 28

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