Tour of the Dents Blanches GR®P (min 4 jours). Les Allamands ( 1096m) - Refuge de Bostan-Tornay (1757m). Stage 1

74340 Samoëns


From 15/06 to 30/06.


Free of charge.


A beautiful panoramic view of the Giffre valley, the Pointe de la Golèse, the Bottière chalets. An amazing site, consisting of boulders, grassland and alpine flora.

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Tour of the Dents Blanches GR®P (min 4 days). Refuge de Folly - Les Allamands (1996m). Stage 4

This mini tour of the Dents Blanches is total immersion in a wild and protected massif at the heart of stunning landscapes.

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Tête de Bostan

2,295 metres is the altitude of Bostan's head. The hike from the eponymous hut requires a good two hours of easy climbing.

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Tour des Dents Blanches GR®P mini 4 jours

The tour of the Dents Blanches is a challenging route in the wilderness, suitable for expert walkers who know how to find their bearings in the mountains: several of the technical sections are more like high-mountain hiking.

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Bostan mountain refuge

Above Samoëns and isolated in the mountains, the Bostan refuge is the ideal place to welcome hikers for a short break or for the night. Accommodation and catering in the mountains. Home and local products. Pleasure for the eyes and taste bu...

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Tour of the Dents Blanches GR®P (min 4 days). Refuge de Bostan-Tornay - Refuge de la Vogealle (1902 m). Stage 2

This stage has a high-mountain character, with equipped passages and magnificent panoramic views: Cirque du Bout du Monde, Pointe Rousse, Lad de la Vogealle, the Dents Blanches, the Pointe de Bostan.

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The Col de Bostan (unmarked route)

This circuit is a classic of the valley, traveled indifferently from the refuge of La Golèse or Bostan. The Bostan pass marks the border with Switzerland.

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Tour of the Dents Blanches. Refuge de la Vogealle - Refuge de Folly (1574m). Stage 3

Magnificent landscapes, with colours that range from the anthracite grey of the rocks to the turquoise blue of mountain lakes. This penultimate stage has a high mountain character.

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