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Ski - Competition course for children

with Ecole du Ski Français (ESF)

6 or 7 day courses (4 hours per day) to perfect your technique and improve your Ski Open ranking by taking part in races organised by the French Ski School. During French school holidays only.

Competition training is limited to children who are from 8 and 18 years and who have obtained the gold star level minimum. The course is designed to improve technical skills. The instructors in charge of the courses are qualified trainers, winners of the national competition for trainers and course setters. The juniors are organised in groups (maximum of 5 to 10) according to technical level, in order to improve the quality of instruction and instil a team spirit. They are taught to take safety very seriously and to understand the mountains and all the associated risks.

Minimum age
8 years
Maximum age
19 years

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