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Paragliding flight - Enjoy a unique experience

with Les Tontons Volants

Come and share our passion for the mountains on a flight in a two-man paraglider.

Come and share our passion for the mountains by taking a flight in a two-man paraglider. Olivier and David will reveal a breathtaking environment and an adrenalin rush like no other on flights ranging from a simple trial flight to a top-of-the-range flight lasting much, much longer. Our aim? To ensure that you have a good time! Our watchwords? Friendliness, rigour, prefessionalism - and a sense of fun!!!
Two-man flight
The flight takes off from the Saix plateau in Samoens at an altitude of 1,600 m.
Your officially qualified instructor will take you around the Samoens valley, dropping by about 900 m in the course of the flight. You will be more than comfortably installed on your seat in the glider. It's like sitting in an armchair!
The flights are open to everyone, from 5 years old.
People who suffer from vertigo need not worry. Since you are no longer in contact with the ground, your vertigo will disappear. What's more, you don't take off from the top of a vertical cliff face, just from a gentle grassy slope.
In paragliding, you never feel the sensation of dropping vertically. You glide like a bird. Just take a few steps to inflate the sail, then run for a few metres before experiencing the magical sensation of take-off.
Of course, everybody experiences some nervousness on take-off; that's quite normal because the air is an unknown element, a whole new environment for beginners. However, your apprehension will soon be overcome by the gentle pleasure that taking off brings.
To date, thousands of people have discovered the magic and thrill of paragliding thanks to a maiden flight in a two-man glider. You can bring your camera with you.

You must wear hiking or tennis shoes, a fleece or a windcheater.

The turnaround time is approximately one to two hours depending on the flight, this includes the shuttle ride, preparation of the glider and the flight.

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