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La Feuille de Vigne Savoyarde

Specialist in local wines as well as other regions of France (Champagne, Bordeaux, Bourgogne…). Local food products. Give yourself a treat with liquor tasting on Wednesday and wine tasting on Thursday ! Private tasting-sessions, on request.

Septimontain of adoption and heart, my career as a cook for thirty years of
professional life, allowed me to flourish in an exciting and rewarding job. I have
wanted to give my kitchen a local identity and I was able to express my creativity on a daily basis.
In my spare time, I took a lot of fun to "give my hand" to Jean-Claude Belbarbe
the creator of "The Savoyard Vine Leaf". I was able to discover cellars of different
French wine regions, passionate and passionate winemakers who allowed me to
develop among other things my palate and my knowledge of wine through different tastings all as rich as each other.
He also passed on his passion, his secrets, and more generally his wine culture.
Today, I devote all my energy to keep the Savoyard Vine Leaf alive and you
invite to meet me, exchange, taste during the proposed animations.

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