Loan of equipment for the disabled

Loan of equipment for the disabled

Loan of specific equipment, summer and winter, to enable disabled people to enjoy a wide range of mountain sports.

The association has the following:

- a CIMGO, the equivalent of a winter tandem ski: operating licence required.
- a QUADRIX, an all-terrain wheelchair that enables disabled visitors to take skilifts in summer.
- a TRIEVE, another all-terrain wheelchair fitted with a handle-operated braking system.
- a JOELETTE, which is a chair mounted on a single wheel and carried by helpers. Can be used on footpaths.
- a beach wheelchair, which can be used on 4WD trails and is also suitable for use in winter.
- a paragliding chair, to allow disabled visitors to skim the mountaintops.
- an electric all-terrain "Access" chair with a range of approx. 25 kms for disabled visitors wishing to make their own way through the mountains.

Winter sports equipment:
- 2 tandem skis
- 3 Flex tandem
- 2 Dual skis
- 1 Instructor-steered dual ski
- 3 Uni ski
- 1 uni ski tempo
- 1 dual ski tempo
- 2 Scarver uni ski
- 1 VFC dual ski
- 2 go-kart skis
- 3 pairs of ski poles
- 1 FMS dual ski chair
- 1 ski scooter
- 1 cross-country ski sledge
- 1 ice sledge

The association also has a skiers' chalet in Samoëns 1600.

Loan of equipment for the disabled

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All year round.


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