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Electric FTT

with Samoens Handi-Glisse

Discover the Giffre valley in an all terrain electric wheel-chair.

Discover the banks of the river Giffre, the undergrowth, the Fer-A-Cheval at Sixt, you ride with your friends on the plain of the Vallons, visit the village with heritage guides, follow the path in the Botanic Garden of La Jaÿsinia or around the lakes at the Lacs aux Dames..... this is now possible thanks to the all terrain electric wheel-chair.(Model WATT Quadrix range)

The wheel-chair has a range of about 20 to 25 kms, to find these beautiful places.

A booking well in advance is required to reserve the wheel-chair. It is offered free of charge with the following conditions:
- Deposit of 9000 euros
- Insurance certificate

We can deliver the wheel-chair to your accommodation or to the start of the outing . There would be a charge for the transportation.

We also offer a CIMGO all-terrain vehicle, electric all-terrain wheel-chair, tandemski, handiski......

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Electric FTT

Vallon d en haut
74340 Samoëns


From Sunday 26 of April to Saturday 31 of October.

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