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Airboat trip on the Giffre river

with Nunayak

The airboat is an inflatable kayak, single seater and self-bailing. The airboat brings all the facilities of the inflatable: safety and stability, with the first sensations of the kayak, autonomy, speed of maneuvers, sensations in the waves.

This style of boat allows you to evolve quickly and gives you a feeling of gliding.
Self-bouncer, it passes with agility in a bit of water as well as in big volume...surfing in the waves, nothing stops it!
Thanks to its inflatable floor, this craft has almost the same gliding qualities and maneuverability as a conventional rigid kayak. The lightness for launching and carrying, lively performance, shock absorption, lift and exceptional stability make it quickly playful.

Gestes pour l'environnement


Complément de réservation

Contact: +33 (0)4 50 93 86 74 - contact@nunayak.com

- Know how to swim & be healthy
- Wear a swimsuit & have a towel
- Have read & accepted the rules

Minimum age
10 years

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