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A sightseeing walk to the village of Les Allamands

A sightseeing walk to the hamlet of Les Allamands on the old cross-border track between Haut Faucigny and Valais.

A sightseeing walk: set a short distance away from the centre of Samoëns, the "village" of Les Allamands stands on one of the oldest tracks leading from Savoy to the Swiss Valais district. Its history is filled with traditions and tales about the travellers who stayed overnight in the large farms huddling around the chapel dedicated to the Holy Shroud.

Dispositions spéciales COVID 19

According to current health standards.

Complément de réservation

Individual bookings should be made at Samoëns tourist office. Group bookings: contact the Société des maçons on + 33 (0)6 10 74 70 44 or guidespatrimoinesamoens@gmail.com

An easy walk lasting 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Good supportive sports shoes recommended.
For groups, visits can be arranged any day of the year.
Buses can also park at Le Crêt if not too big.