Uniski lessons with Samoëns Handi-Glisse (disabled skiing association)

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Association Samoëns Handi-glisse, le plateau des saix
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From 16/12/2023 to 18/04/2024, daily.

Like the Dualski, the Uniski is designed for people with lower limb disability. After learning the basics, you can experience the joys of skiing on your own and increase your proficiency.

The uniski is the most widely used device in the handiski environment around the world, offering great comfort and perfect ski / snow contact thanks to a suspension specially configured for the device.
Six seat sizes are available from the Samoëns handi-glisse association.

The uniski lessons are offered on a basis of 2 hours per day over several days (2 to 6 days or more).

Of course we adapt to the needs of each person according to their physical form, their desires.

Ski lessons are taught by qualified instructors who have received several days of training in teaching disabled people to ski.

Complément d'informations

Handiski equipment available:
Monoski ()
Dual-ski ()
Traditional bi-ski ()
GMS/FMS or Dual Barre bi-ski
Tandem ski ()
Large snowsliders ()


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