Tremplin des Pépites

74340 Samoëns


From 06/07 to 24/08/2023, every Thursday.
No F'estival on Thursday 13th July.


Free of charge.


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Come and participate in the F'Estival les Pépites and try to win your place in the 2023 program! Registration until April 9th, 2023.

They won the Springboard:
- Fleur Sous Bitume in 2022
- Lindsey Was a Man in 2021
- Pauline in 2020
- Split Reckless in 2019
- Bezed'H in 2018
- Barely in 2017

The group that will be designated the winner of this springboard will win its headlining program at the 2024 edition of the F'Estival Les Pépites, with a fee of €1,000.

Voting will take place:
- to the applause meter of the public at the end of the concert
- the number of likes on the live concert video on the F'Estival Les Pépites Facebook page
- to the positive vote which will be attributed on the instagram story made during the concert
- to the vote of the members of the organizing committee of the F'Estival Les Pé of the F'Estival Les Pépites organising committee.


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