The Vallon Chapel

74340 Samoëns


Free access.

This chapel was built in 1636 by Joseph de Gex, Baron de Saint-Christophe, Lord of Vallon, and the local councilors.

It is one of the oldest chapels in Samoëns, in the Haute-Savoie region, which has not been altered due to destruction. With its Baroque influence, it is one of the nine chapels present in each of the nine hamlets of Samoëns. The building in the hamlet of Des Vallons was founded on 24th August 1636 and is dedicated to Saint Jacques, Saint Philibert, and Saint Joseph. It was built in recognition of their protection during a plague epidemic in 1630: "...Desiring to accomplish and carry out the devotion by the princess in December of 1630, during which time it rained divine mercy on the people of the present place and Samoëns' command of the plague scourge and contamination...".

What if the saints had drawn a mud stream on them to protect the village? In 1831, an event marked the history of the building: a mud stream tumbled down the slope of the Criou. It brought the snow to the height of the chapel bell tower, remaining there until 15 August of the same year.

The painting above the altar in the chapel is another historical testimony. It is a work by Joseph Rabiato, painted in 1765. This painting, painted by the renowned portraitist of the bourgeoisie of central Valais, represents the votive saints of the chapel, placed under the name of Saints James, Philip, and Joseph. It has recently been removed from the altar in order to benefit from a well-deserved restoration.

Discover the hamlet and its chapel, as well as the eight others and the multitude of riches they contain, is possible. There are several well-signposted partial circuits allowing you to discover these treasures of the Haut-Giffre Valley. Guided tours are also organized in winter and summer, giving visitors the opportunity to admire, for example, the La Jaÿsinia botanical garden or the other chapels in one of Samoëns's hamlets.

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