The chapel in Mathonex

74340 Samoëns


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It is one of the nine chapels in the Samoëns village to be discovered. Founded in the 17th century, it overlooks the hamlet of Mathonex, a traditional hamlet in the Alps.

This chapel is located in the hamlet of Mathonex, on the Samoens heights, which it overlooks. It is one of the nine hamlets of the village. It also gathers old farms. The chapel of Mathonex was founded in 1656. It is dedicated to Saint John the Evangelist. Destroyed at the end of the 19th century by a landslide, it was rebuilt in 1901 on a hillock overlooking the Giffre valley, slightly distant from the village. At the top of its bell tower, you can see a rooster. A religious symbol and national emblem, it helps to determine where the wind comes from and to forecast possible rainfall.

If you walk along the lower level of the chapel, on the side of the path, you will see the Mathonex oratory dating from 1747. It is located in the wall surrounding the chapel. The magnificent virgin that adorned it was unfortunately stolen a few years ago. To discover this hamlet in the Giffre Valley, there is a discovery circuit. It allows you to travel through the Septimont territory and to observe the numerous oratories and cultural buildings that characterize the landscape of the hamlets of Samoëns.

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