Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre (UTHG) - 11th edition

74340 Samoëns
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From Friday 14 to Sunday 16 June 2024.

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Explore the hiking trails of Samoëns and Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval during this friendly trail competition and its 7 races designed for the most experienced sportsmen and women as well as for walking enthusiasts, families and children.

Our mountains are beautiful, come and discover them up close!

You will be able to start from the place du Gros Tilleul to commune with nature between Samoëns and Sixt-fer-cheval.

Whether you come for the competition or simply for the pleasure, the Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre, marked out by stages of provisioning, will enable you to discover or rediscover the courses embracing our valley. Dirt paths, stone paths, tinged with green, a great breath of air for an outstanding event.

But it is not only the time-trippers who will have their place on the plateaux.
Volunteers will also be on hand to help out with a glass of water.

Mountains are made to be climbed. Landscapes are made to be admired. Whether you are a day walker or an experienced runner, the Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre has everything to satisfy you.

In only 8 editions, the Ultra-Trail du Haut-Giffre has become a must in the world of mountain races with some 2,000 participants each year. With 7 races on offer, all the choices are available to those who wish to discover the mountains in a sporting way in an exceptional natural setting!

RACES in 2023 :

- Ultra Tour des Lacs aux Cimes (UTLAC): 128km / 9050D+
- Ultra-Trail® du Haut-Giffre (UTHG): 96km / 6750D+
- Trail des Frahans (TDF): 53km / 3700D+
- Tour du Bostan (TDB): 33km / 2150D+
- Montée de Gers (MDG): 18km / 970D+
- Au Fil du Giffre (FDG): 9km / 330D+.
- Children's Mini Cross: 1.5km

Find all the information on the Ultra-Trail du Haut-Giffre website: and on the Facebook page @uthgtrail.

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