Samoëns American Festival - Concert with Lilly West

Pied de la Ville
Grande Rue Piétonne
74340 Samoëns


Sunday 2 July 2023 at 11 am.


Free of charge.

This multi-talented singer will enchant you with her guitar and her repertoire of country and rock'n'roll music.

At the age of 5, Lilly entered the music conservatory and spent 7 years studying piano and music theory. When, as a teenager, she wanted to discover singing (her parents urged her towards opera), her already acquired knowledge allowed her to progress very quickly.

In 2000, when she was 19 years old, she discovered country music by chance thanks to a festival that took place not far from her home, and it was love at first sight. She decided to stop studying computer science to devote herself to music.

In 2001, she started giving country dance lessons, which she still teaches today, with a diploma from the National Teachers Association, level DF5-CAP. Thanks to the unconditional support of her soundman, Kenny Saniez, who will become her husband, Lilly started her career as a singer/musician at the end of 2003. This year she celebrates her 20th anniversary!

After her third album, recorded in Austin, Texas, in February 2008, Lilly flew to Quebec for two concert tours and was named "Best French-speaking Female Artist" two years in a row.

From October 2010, Lilly will start organizing week-long country dance tours, with dance workshops, dances and concerts, called "Country Dance Tour". At present, they take place 4 times a year, two in Spain and two in France. Despite the success of this concept, Lilly is keen to keep the number of trainees relatively small, so that a friendly, family atmosphere is one of the strong points of these trips.

2014 saw the release of a new album "Mon Tatoo", mainly composed of songs written by the artist, in English and French, mixing many styles of country music. That same year, in parallel to her concerts, she opened a music school and gave singing, piano and guitar lessons, which she conducted for 5 years.

Since then, her concerts have taken her further and further afield: regularly in Switzerland and Spain and more recently in Belgium and Germany. And in June 2019, she flew to Peru for the international Oxapampa Country Fest.

Always very active, Lilly has also developed her YouTube channel, publishing several times a week detailed country dance lessons in French, free of charge, inviting dancers to discover the latest choreographies, but also allowing them to revise their great classics.

Over the years, Lilly has won the appreciation of dancers and music lovers alike, through the quality of her voice, her interpretations and her compositions, by performing nearly sixty concerts a year; but also by regularly updating her concert repertoire in order to remain at the cutting edge of country dancing. Performing solo or accompanied by musicians, Lilly loves to transport you into her emotional world.

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