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Nearly 250 years ago, the Deluc brothers succeeded in making the first ascent of Mount Buet, an alpine summit of more than 3000 meters.

Then it was the ladies and gentlemen Bourrit, de Saussure, Parminter, Beaumont, and finally Wills, who were to travel the mountains of the Haut-Giffre for 100 years. All of them wrote the story of their mountaineering expeditions and told about the daily life in the region.

Alain Lachaud invites you to relive their adventures, to discover the Haut-Giffre, at the time of the first mountaineers.

“Thanks to his familiarity with the area and his thorough knowledge of all the writings devoted to the region, Alain Lachaud offers us the evocation of the Conquest of Le Buet and the mountains of Sixt and Samoëns, in this anthology that I am pleased to present and recommend to the reader.” Paul Guichonnet

This booklet contains more than 90 illustrations.

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