Tuesday 19 December 2023at19h00

Mort d’une montagne

Espace le Bois aux Dames
66, Route du lac du Bois aux Dames
74340 Samoëns
Téléphone :04 50 89 71 18 Email :billetterie@mairiedesamoens.fr


Tuesday 19 December 2023 at 7 pm.
Doors open 1 hour before the start of the performance.


Full price: 12 €, Reduced price: 10 €, Child: 5 €, Student: 10 €.


- ONLINE (€0.50 booking fee) via the ticket office link.

- BOOK YOUR TICKETS BY E-MAIL billetterie@mairiedesamoëns.fr or BY PHONE 04 50 34 42 38 and pay on the day.

- BUY YOUR TICKETS ON THE DAY OF THE SHOW subject to availability. Please note: credit cards are not accepted for shows taking place in the Salle du Criou.

Please note Group tickets (for 10 people or more) are not sold online. You must reserve them by email or telephone and pay on the day of the performance.

Minimum age
11 years

Maximum age
99 years
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We're in an imaginary massif, the Hautes Aigues. The small village of Rochebrune has been on the alert ever since regular landslides began appearing on the neighboring peaks...

At a time when local players are wondering about the future of the valley, the authorities announce the appointment of a project manager for climate transition in the mountains, who has come to carry out a diagnosis of the area. At the same time, a female traveller arrives, determined to climb the region's major peak, the Grande Reine, part of which has recently collapsed.

In parallel, we follow several characters caught up in the mountain and confronted with the urgency of the issues that affect it.

They all end up at the Vautour refuge, below the summit of the Grande Reine. Fanny, the caretaker, anxiously watches the cliffs collapsing around her...

Mort d'une montagne is a documented chronicle that veers towards the mythical. Both concrete and poetic, this slow ascent unfolds the image of humanity perched on its promontory, on the edge of a precipice...

The play, published by Libel, can be seen at the François Désarnod multimedia library.

Winner of the Prix Incandescence 2022.

By the Compagnie Les Non Alignés
Ages 11 and up
Running time: 2 hours

Cast :
Written, performed and directed by Jérôme Cochet
Acting: Fabienne Courvoisier, Stéphane Rotenberg, Camille Roy
Set design Caroline Frachet
Lighting Nolwenn Delcamp-Risse
Sound Caroline Mas
Video Jérémy Oury
Costumes Mathilde Giraudeau

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